Monday, April 16, 2012

April Blog Challenge: N is for No longer the "newbie"

During last year's blog challenge, I wrote about being the "newbie" at my third job, the vet's office. One of my followers had commented, "in a small community, you'll be the newbie for years". I sort of dreaded that.

I'm happy so say that I am no longer the newbie. Not that I don't still  make mistakes or screw up royally, but I can't claim the newbie title any longer.

Last summer, the weekday receptionist, CP quit to move back to Fresno with her husband who was taking care of the family turkey farm. I have no idea the details of why there lived in Town, and how her hubby wound up down in Fresno, but whatever. The clinic hired a girl full time and another as part time.  The new full timer only lasted a month or two before putting in her notice. The part timer became a full timer, and they hired a second full time receptionist.

They also had a tech that put in her notice because she was moving, so they hired a new technician. Dr. AC quit at the end of May, as his wife couldn't get a job in her field in our county. They moved to Washington. I miss Dr. AC, he was cool. So, after several long months of working the two retired vets hard with tons of cattle work, they finally hired a new vet, Dr. A - she's pretty cool, too.

It actually feels good to no longer be the newbie. Although, I still have lots of questions because there's always more to learn. CP told me before she left that she'd been there for 4 or 5 years and still felt like she didn't know anything. At least I'm not alone.



  1. YAH, now you are a seasoned veteran instead of a newbie. That does feel so much better!

    1. It does, doesn't it? And for all the mistakes I made as a newbie, I think the two weekday receptionists make more than I did.

  2. My job is so mindless and I've been here so long, I can't say I can relate. This town is so big it's odd to see the same person more than once. Mr Monkey Butt told me the other day places like your town don't exist anymore. good to know he's wrong!!!

    1. If your hubby has any questions regarding itty-bitty towns in America, just send him to me. Our little towns are all over the country! lol


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