Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Blog Challenge: Y is for Yes

Seriously, must stop saying this word. Or any variation of it.
Dr. J had called me up on Tuesday, asking me if I would be able to work Friday (yesterday) to help fill in. Evidently the two office managers were going to be gone, and so was one tech. I double checked with my grandparents to make sure they didn't have any special plans to move cattle or anything, and told him "yes, I can work." I was mostly thinking, extra 8 hours on my time card? Hell yeah!
Here's the thing: he was mostly worried that a lot of ranchers would be coming in for lots of vaccines and stuff, and that basically the shit would hit the fan and the two receptionists wouldn't be able to handle it with everything else. So, what I understood from all that was that he doesn't really have faith in the two receptionists to do their jobs.
Here's the other thing: I was bored 98% of the day. I found things to do, but I was a little out of my element. Normally at the main clinic in Town on Saturday's, I'm reception. I'll pitch in where needed, but mostly, I'm up front. But on Friday, I wasn't reception, I was a tech. Which threw me for a loop. When I'm over at the satellite clinic in Sticksville on Wednesdays, I'm reception, tech, and kennel because it's just myself and a vet. So, I was little out of my element over in Town yesterday because I don't really know their whole system for during the week. But, again, I was bored. (Which probably means that Saturday will blow up in my face because I'm all alone up front on weekends)

This past Wednesday I had a rancher gal come in for a couple items at the Sticksville clinic, and then asked me if I do "chute work" during the day when I'm not at the clinic. I knew what she meant - working cattle in a chute, like vaccines and stuff - but I was a bit surprised by her question. Then she tells me that the folks that usually help her are moving and she was wondering if I might be available if she could coordinate it right with my vet job and the jobs for my grandparents. I was flattered that she asked, and because flattery works well in bribing me, I told her if it could be coordinated right, I could probably help her out. (This is the same gal who at Christmas gave me a thank you card with $20 in it to thank me and help with gas for running big orders for her over the hill on my way home on weekends from the main clinic).

Saying yes probably just gets me into more trouble that I know.

I should have learned years ago. Saying "yes" gave us the Psycho Suzi series.


  1. Saying yes can lead you into all sorts of strife. You might have made it a habit. Try asking yourself if this will benefit you before you speak. You don't want to be a pushover. Blog on.

  2. I say yes far to often and really should learn how to say no but alass at 49 yrs of age maybe that boat has

    1. Well, I did at least say "if"

  3. I say yes A LOT. I have learned to say no often too, but not as much. Occasionally I throw in a HELL NO! but not as often as I think it in my head.

    Yes or no, either way, it's much better than what I've been saying at work lately... I can't repeat that...

    1. LOL Probably something similar to what I said at my old job from time to time!

  4. I'm taking a last minute blog jog to meet some new friends from the A-Z challenge list. Following :)


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