Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Not-So-Mundane Midweek Day Trip With Boyfriend

Boyfriend and I wound up with Wednesday off this week, so I don't have boring work details from the mid-week. Instead, we went on a little day trip to see some sights that Boyfriend has never seen. When he lived in the area previously, he was only here for about a year or so which didn't really give him much opportunity to go to the outlying areas to see some of our beautiful natural wonders. So I decided that today we would take a "Sunday Drive" on our day off and I would treat him to the sights.

Our first stop was Burney, which is where my parents grew up. We stopped at The Alpine, which is a little burger joint on Main Street. If you're ever in town, it's the only pink building on Main Street, seriously. And if you're in town, you really should stop there instead of the McD's down the way. The burgers are effing awesome and you get a pile of food that will fill you up. And if you're in the mood of some ice cream or a milk shake, they make good ones, too. Trust me on this. Every time I drive through Burney, I really try to be hungry so I have a reason to stop in and treat myself to a burger and fries (which isn't all that often, sadly).

After lunch we headed to Burney Falls, which I know I've written about before in previous posts (although I'm too lazy at this point to link back to those posts). The cool thing about the falls is that it is fed by a natural spring that surfaces about a half mile from the falls, pushing about 100 million gallons of water over the falls every single day.

We opted for the shorter trail to the falls, which is all fine while you're going downhill but that walk back up is a complete bitch. Just sayin'. The cool mist off the falls at the bottom felt fabulous on a hot day. No matter how many times I visit Burney Falls, I find it peaceful and amazing and am always in awe of its beauty. And just for bragging rights, Teddy Roosevelt called it the "Eighth Wonder of the World".

After breaking a sweat walking back up the trail, we hopped back in the car with the a/c on full blast to head to my old hometown, Old Station, to see the Subway Cave. Another little thing to stop and see if you're ever in the area - especially in summer as the cave is always nice and cool. It's an old lava tube, so the ground is very uneven, but it's just plain cool. 

The entrance to the cave.

After the cave I showed Boyfriend where I grew up - the restaurant my parents owned, the house we lived in, where we camped all the time . . . that sort of stuff. Then it was off to home where we picked my Granny and G for dinner in town. All in all, it was a good day and Boyfriend enjoyed seeing the sights. 



  1. Nice looking young man! But... why is the world tilted to the left?

    BTW, send me a Burney burger!

    1. We kept trying to get the falls in the background. lol

  2. What a beautiful waterfall and you two make a gorgeous couple.
    Love days like that, getting out and sharing places you love

    1. Thank you! And you the falls are gorgeous.


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