Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introducing "Bubbles"

Today, I am introducing "Bubbles". Who is Bubbles, you ask? Why that is a good question. 

Bubbles is the nickname I have given one of my co-workers due to bubbly personality. (1. I don't call her Bubbles to her face as that would just be rude, and 2. the bubbly personality was said with all the sarcasm of the world - that's a lot of sarcasm).

I have referred to Bubbles before, but I haven't written too much about her. From the get-go she has been plain rude as hell. Since my very first day.


My OM, her assistant L, and the other new gal, T, all say "good morning", "good night", "have a good weekend", etc. Not just to me but to each other. If one of us sneezes, including Bubbles, we all say, "Bless you" and the sneezer says, "Thanks".

Not Bubbles. I don't get a good morning, night or weekend. I don't get a bless you if I sneeze. She will say it to L or the OM.

Her face reads, "I'm the shit, so take a big whiff." I can totally tell that she thinks she way better than me.

Well, that's all fine and dandy. I don't give a shit. Why? Because I don't go to work to make friends. If I make a friend, it's a bonus. HOWEVER. I do expect to be treated with civility and Bubbles obviously doesn't understand what that word actually means.

I still think what I've thought since day one: that it's just her personality. And I'm trying hard not to take it personally. But it's starting to wear on me a smidge. She sits directly behind me in the office and she just makes my space uncomfortable with her bubbly personality.

I don't feel comfortable going to her with questions, so I don't. Unless I have no choice.

She doesn't speak to me. And on the random occasion that she does, it's to make sure to point out something I've done wrong.

Part of me wonders what I could have possibly said or done since my first day of work that could have made her hate me so much.

Another part of me wants to just piss her off for sheer fun.

The smart part of me says to just take the high road and be nice.

I say "Bless you" when she sneezes, though I don't get a "thank you" in response. (I will blame her parents for not raising her to mind her p's and q's. I say "have a good night" when she leaves at the end of the day. I say "good morning" when I walk into the office in the morning.

Though I get nothing in response but a dirty look. The dirty kind of look that says, "Go jump off a cliff, biatch."

Mom agrees with me about her personality, and how I shouldn't take it personally and to just play nice no matter what.

Wish me luck and strength. ;)


  1. She sounds like she could be related to the Manger I had to put up with for a year and is now thankfully gone.
    Simple manners and common courtesy are not hard and make a much happier workplace.
    Sadly we are forced to work with these people who are just awful. Sending hugs and smiles to hopefully brighten your day a little


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