Monday, October 21, 2013

So I kinda took a break . . .

Okay, seriously, WHAT is up with the sudden ads popping up all over Blogger and Blog Lovin'?? Every time I log on, I have like three ads pop up. Driving me batshit crazy.

And yes, I realize I've been absent for awhile. My apologies. I've finally gotten all caught up on reading everyone's blogs and trying to comment. I swear, most times, there's just not enough hours in a day anymore.

A couple weeks ago, a good friend of mine was getting married. My mom and I were helping her with some wedding stuff - party favors, money tree envelopes, decorating, etc. So we were kept kinda of busy with that. The wedding turned out beautiful. Although a random rain storm with thunder and lightening showed up - and no one ever saw it coming. I mean, until we saw it rolling in that night. My friend had been checking the weather for weeks and it was supposed to be clear and sunny and 75. Perfect. Fortunately that rain waited until the ceremony was over and everyone had had a chance to eat. Someone had the foresight to put the awning out over the wedding cake, so that was saved. The rain and sudden gust of wind lasted only 15 to 20 minutes, however, Boyfriend and I (having worked for a party rental place - the exact place the tables and whatnot came from actually), we knew we had to tear everything down and try to get it to dry. The tables could warp. The linens were all soaked, some napkins wound up in the pool thank to Mother Nature. Some of the colorful napkins bled into the white table linens. Hers was one of at least 4 weddings that weekend that had a surprise rain storm. Lots of dancing followed the rain letting up - even Boyfriend got me to dance a little. When I can get pictures from Mom, I will post one that she took of us. The wedding photographer took a few pictures of us, and if I can nab some copies of those, I will.

But I can give you a picture of the radiant bride and her proud papa.

The full-time job is still going well - getting the hang of things, still learning though. The auto industry is definitely it's own world. I have to photocopy all cash that comes in for down-payments on new/used vehicles for the serial numbers. So if someone give the dealership $10,000 cash in 20's, I have to photocopy each and every single twenty dollar bill. Seriously. Some mornings, I feel like I spend the entire morning photocopying cash. Seriously people, they are called checks.

This last weekend was our family service for Papa D, who passed away on September 17th. It was a hard weekend, but still a good one. We were finally able to say a proper good-bye. Still had quite a few people at the ranch to spread his ashes. I still am working on my proper good-bye post for him. I wrote a column for the magazine for the November issue about him (he had passed as the October issue went to print), and K wrote a nice story about Papa D for the November issue as well. I don't know how long K will still do the magazine, but I told her I will help her write as much as possible.

Boyfriend and I just filled out an application to rent a house in town. We haven't been able to see the inside of it yet as the previous tenants were really lazy about moving out. But it's just under 2000sq ft, two story, and is on a bit of acreage.


  1. Well...Blogger IS owned by Google. That would probably explain the ads. And that is why I have AdBlock Plus installed on my computer. ;-)

    Your friend looks absolutely lovely! And leave it to Mother Nature to unexpectedly drop by for a brief visit!

    I thought it was illegal to photocopy money...(is slightly confused). I understand wanting the serial numbers and all for the legality and such, but that sounds a little crazy to me. Glad to hear the job is going well for you. Wish I could say the same for mine somedays.

    1. Yeah, I thought about that, too. Well, it IS illegal to photocopy money. lol HOWEVER, we are only copying for serial numbers. The copier is too smart, and if you stick a bunch of full bills on there, it comes out as a black page. So you have to trick it, and stagger the money so it only sees enough to see the serial number. It's rather tricky when someone only give you like 2 one hundred dollar bills! lol


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