Monday, October 7, 2013

Just some lil' bits o' random

Just some random bits . . . 

Had a customer hug me the other day while at my weekend Pet Nutritionist gig. She needed help finding a filter for a water dispenser, and they are rather hidden and hard to find. Which is weird. But even when you find the filters, people find it hard to figure out which filters they need. I spent about 15 minutes with her and finally figured out which one she needed. Then she was so happy, she hugged me. I'm pretty sure that's a first.

Drove to Williams on Saturday evening after work with Mom, Dad, and Granny to have dinner with an aunt and uncle before they went on a Mediterranean cruise for two weeks. A much deserved vacation as my aunt has been forced to stay close to home the last two years. Plus with the economy being so bad, my uncle was, at one point, afraid to go on vacation because some people would get pink slips when the got back (he works for a construction company and it was pretty hairy for awhile). So after a rough few years, they get to take a much deserved vacation.

Work is going well. B isn't overly friendly. Let me rephrase that. B doesn't talk to me, period. I have heard from a few other people that she doesn't really "warm up to anybody", so I'm still pretty sure it's a just a personality thing for her. I will continue to be myself and be nice to her. Although, she doesn't really make it easy. Unless I specifically ask her a question, she doesn't say one word to me. And being that kind of rude doesn't make me want to ask her a question. It's entirely possible that's her whole gig, so that I won't bother her with questions. However, she's the youngest of us ladies in the office - about 23, and she's just sooooo rude.

I've recently been reading the Anne of Green Gables books. I've never read them before, but I saw the Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea's movies and loved them. Anne of Green Gables the movie was pretty close to the book. Anne of Avonlea . . . not so much. Like, two completely stories. I've just started reading the third book, Anne of the Island. I'm definitely enjoying the books and am glad I'm finding them either free or real cheap on Google Play on my tablet.

My parents have finally torn down their back deck. Has been needing to be done for at least 5 years, but it's an expensive undertaking. But it was becoming unsafe - they had to block off certain areas because boards were rotted out. The deck is gone and my cousin's husband is helping my dad for a few days trying to get him on the right track before he starts a different construction job.

And I think that's about it for the random bits. :)


  1. I'd give ya a hug too... but I'm a perv so that don't count ;)

  2. Going back and rereading Anne of Green Gables was interesting as an adult. I, too, loved the Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea movies. (Hated The Continuing Story as it was all made up and not based on books.) The second movie was made by combining three books into one movie. My paperbacks are probably 25 years old, and have warped edges where I dropped it in the tub while reading, worn covers, and look extraordinarily well read. But going back to read Anne of Green Gables as an adult I found it cumbersome. The long (long!) passages were big on description and the flowery language that Anne converses in. As a ten year old, I loved it, because it allowed me to live in a world that wasn't mine and participate in her life. As an adult, and one that was familiar with the story, I found it hard to read.

    That being said, I still cried buckets when Matthew died. I mean BUCKETS!

    1. I agree, her flowery passages make for a quick read! lol But as I've never read them, I'm enjoying them. Although, the movies really did make a lot of changes when it came to the Anne of Avonlea movie. Holy cow! They really did some moving around on that.


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