Monday, October 17, 2011

Award, Construction Update, and Doctor Down.

Before I go any further, I must thank my good bloggy friend Hazel over at Pablo's Angel for the award (of her very own) she dished out last week. She said many sweet things (and no I did not bribe her. Or blackmail her.).

And she had this to say:

J.Day/The Ramblings of Charlie Brown - "BraveHeart"

I called you this because you were brave enough to follow your heart and move to the back end of nowhere to work with your grandparents. I found this so inspiring! And I'm glad that it's worked out well for you as it's so nice to see you happy. You're also the brains behind the "Postcard Campaign" which is cheering up so many bloggers on dreary mornings with pretty postcards! Overall J.Day, you're very inspiring! Plus, I have fun saying J.Day over and over again too...

I have yet to understand why everyone I know loves to say my name over and over and over. People at my last job did that to me all the time. It drove me nuts. LOL Evidently my name is just fun and no one cares a snit about my poor sanity.  ;o)
Construction has officially begun at my parent's house! Hopefully the weather will hold out out so that there are no delays in getting everything completed. In case you're late to the party, my parents  are remodeling their house for my Granny who moved in officially a couple months ago, shortly after my Granddad's passing. She has taken my room and my bathroom and I am therefore relegated to sleep in the 5th wheel. My (old) bedroom is being remodeled into a suite where everything will be ADA compliant. They are taking one wall out 10 feet further and another wall 12 feet further. My parents had to cut down at least two trees in by the front porch and also tear out the front porch they had just put in last year. But here's how things are going so far:
This is the front of the house, in front of my room.

That little window is the window to my bathroom.

Back around to the front, the concrete is poured! My parents tell me it was pretty thick to match up with the house's original foundation.

And more concrete . . .

In other news, one of the vet's at the clinic I work for had a nasty accident while riding quads with some friends on vacation. He took a spill off an embankment of about 40 feet. It happened about a week and a half ago. He's pretty banged up, but he should recover well. He will, however, be out of work for a good couple months. He broke his collar bone and a shoulder blade. Last week one of the retired vets covered him over here in Sticksville. But now he's gone for about a month. I get the new vet for the next two weeks - should be interesting as I haven't work with her yet. I've met her, though. And the other retired vet is helping cover some stuff as well. It's another busy season as ranchers need their cattle preg checked, vaccinated, or need health certificates. And we're not talking just a few cows here and there. I'm talking herds of a few hundred head of cattle each.
Yeah. Fortunately most of our clients have been understanding about some schedule and/or doctor shuffling that's been required. And everyone wants to know how the guy is doing. I am, unfortunately, completely out of the loop as I'm only around other clinic employees two days a week.
I will do what I can to keep y'all posted.


  1. I thought the injured vet would open up the spot for the hot doctor to move in and sweet you off your feet. GRRR. Don't worry...he's coming...I know he is.

  2. LOL I'm sorry. I don't want this vet to leave just yet - he's the guy who hired me. Just keep sending those vibes my way and hopefully Mr. Sexy Somebody will show up! lol

  3. Know all about changing bosses. Hoe things settle soon. Have you got your card yet?

  4. *Hope things settle soon. Sorry for the typo :)

  5. I will be able to check my mail today to see if I've gotten it yet. :o)

  6. Aww I'm sorry to hear about your granddad :(

    But you're welcome about the award! And I thought you were gonna get a hunky new vet too lol

  7. Oh, damn. They're sending a lady-vet?! Dang it. I was hoping this would be the cute movie part where a smoking hot vet comes to town and falls head over heels with the darling country girl (that would be you). Someone needs to write to vet headquarters (yeah, I don't speak vet, but I try) and ask them to send a someone according to the following specifications:

    1. Male
    2. Hot
    3. Kind (i.e. genuinely good, none of this faux-nice crap).
    4. Funny
    5. VERY single
    6. Hot
    7. Commitment phobics need not apply
    8. Is looking for soul mate
    9. Hot
    10. Hot

    Think that covers everything, but said list can always be amended. :)

  8. Hazel - it seems to be everyone's dream for me! lol

    Frisky - LMAO I totally LOVE your list!


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