Monday, October 10, 2011

Awards Galore!

In the past week  Um, yeah, it's been much longer than a week. I apologize to the two bloggers have passed on awards to me, as I haven't had the time to post regularly in the past two or three weeks. So now I'm going to attempt these with their random facts and whatnot.

First up is the super-wonderful Frisky Virgin. I believe the only posts I don't really read are the ones about True Blood because it's a vampire thing and I don't do vampires. But I won't hold the fact that she likes vampires against her - everyone has to make their own mistakes. (wink wink) In truth, I love her blog as she makes me laugh out loud at the hilarious stories and anecdotes about her life. Her blog is a must-read.

The rules for these are to thank the blogger who gave it to you (see above) and reveal 7 random facts about yourself.

Okay, here goes.

1. The one thing I miss about living in the city is Target. I don't necessarily need to buy anything, but it can be fun to wander the store and make fun of items or think how great something else would be in your home, if only you had the space for it.

2. Surprisingly, what I don't miss about city living is all the fast food. The thought of McDonald's is no longer appealing.

3. I can't stand coffee, in any form. Walking into a Starbucks is like an assault on my poor innocent nostrils. The only thing I am willing to drink from there is hot chocolate.

4. There is a town in my county named after my family, who helped settle it in the late 1800s. I wrote up a history of the community for Papa D's paper, and it will be printed in the October issue. Once it's officially printed next week, I will post my article here on my blog.

5. I have this horrible habit of taking forever to get out of the house in the morning for any of my jobs. There are mornings I have to go from inside of car back inside the house 5 times to get something I forgot, then get to work at the vet's and realize I still forgot something. It's really sad. And exhausting.

6. I once took a spoonful of sugar to get rid of hiccups. My (good) college roommate said that's how she got rid of her hiccups. Normally I just drink 10 sips of water, and I can get them to go away. That time they didn't. I finally agreed to the spoonful of sugar, and it's disgusting. I gagged it down thinking she's totally messing with me. It totally worked. However, I keep it as a last resort.

7. My work station has to be kept clean. I can't stand a cluttered work area. My home, however, is not kept to the same standards. While I keep it picked up and clean it, I have far too much crap. But I'm totally anal-retentive about a work station. And that was why I hated rotating benches throughout the night at my old lab job - too many hands touching any given work station so I couldn't keep it set up how I liked it. If I'm working at a certain bench, you bet your sweet little tushy it will be set up my way.

OMG, that took forever. I'm not sure why, but it's so hard for me to come up with random facts. Sheesh.

The other award I received came from chocolateangel over at The Cat and the Coffee Cup. She is obviously a cat lover, and writes about her adorable kitties as well as her every day life - the good and the bad. Plus she has cute kitty pictures that will cheer you up on her blog.

I seriously hope that I can find everything that fits with the criteria for this award! Evidently I'm supposed to troll through my blogger stats to find my series of "most" posts. This could get interesting.

"Most Beautiful": My Granddad -  My post telling all of you about the wonderful, courageous man that was my Granddad, who passed away just four months ago.

"Most Helpful": It's Official - I'm Crazy! - It was very hard to admit how unhappy I was, living in Sacramento. But it was also very therapeutic getting it out there. Thank you all for "listening" to me and being supportive of my crazy decision!

"Most Controversial": It's Debatable - I got my very first (and only) Anonymous comment.

"Most Popular": For the life of me, I cannot understand why, according to blogger stats, this is my most viewed post. It was a "half-ass" post . . . Another Weekend, Another Half-Assed Post.

"Most Underrated": The first several posts regarding my old psycho college roommate, the Psycho Suzi series.

"Most Surprisingly Successful": The Postcard Campaign - I'm so happy and shocked that there are quite a few people participating!

"Most Pride-worthy": Where I explain my nickname, and the title of my blog.

Okay, seriously, this took FOREVER.

And I'm not going to sit here and agonize over who gets these awards. Seriously, because it is agonizing trying to choose. So, if you follow my blog and have a blog of your own, then these awards are for each and everyone of you! Take them and run away with them!

Next post will be the published story in our publication about the town my ancestors helped settle!


  1. I love it when I see the blog award I made be given to a blogger I love.
    Congrats on the awards. Well deserved

  2. On your random facts, totally agree with #5. I do the same thing and sadly, I always forget something. Very frustrating indeedy! :) lovely post and hopes I get to play catchup with reading all of those from the 2nd award, lolz

  3. Mynx - Why thank you!

    Doria - Good luck! lol

  4. Aww congrats! Plus your new header is adorable :)

  5. Hazel - Thanks on both counts!

  6. LOL--I'm so glad my strange attraction for vampires didn't push you away! :)

    Thank you for you sweet words about my blog! *Hugs*

    Oh, I hate coffee. Tried it once, never again. Blaugyuck! (That's supposed to be a sound effect...don't think it worked so well).

  7. The picture of the dilapidated house looks like it was filmed on the land belonging to Einar (Robert Redford's character) in the film "An Unfinished Life." :-)


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