Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm back and it's all about Mr. Columbus

Well, I use the term normal loosely.

Anyhoo, my sheep-sitting is done. I survived, and so did the sheep. I will tell y'all more later. I have so much to catch up on. Yikes!

I've missed being able to read your blogs on a semi-regular basis - I've felt so out of the loop recently. Plus, I've missed blogging.

But I'm pulling the old lady card and going to bed early. It's like 9pm. But I'm tired and it's dark out (the latter being most important). Not to mention I'm cold and the electric blanky on my bed is on, making my bed seem like the logical place to be at the moment. My monumental yawns are also giving me a sign: go to bed, doofus.

Oh, tomorrow (Monday), here in the USA it's Columbus Day. Where we celebrate a man who found land that wasn't supposed to be there (according to him). The man, while on a mission to prove the earth was round, not flat, believed he could sail west to the East Indies completely undisturbed by land. Yeah, that didn't happen. Instead he stuck a flag in the ground of the places he landed, claiming said lands for Spain. Never mind that people already lived there.

This man is just another example of how 1. men refuse to stop and ask for directions, and 2. men despise being wrong. Mr. Columbus believed the lands he found to be a part of Asia. He refused to believe anything other than that, and it is believed that the Americas got there name from someone else entirely. Columbus just gets the holiday. Columbus never set foot on the actual land that would one day be the USA, but discovered Central and South America. But because of him, every other European nation wanted to see what else they could lay claim to - again, never minding that people already lived there.

You have to wonder: What if Columbus and his first three ships sank, therefore never returning to Spain and making several more voyages? Would they all have just assumed the world really was flat? Nah. They probably would have found some other sucker.

Happy Monday! (And Columbus Day!)


  1. The guy they named the country and continent about was another Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci. They got America from his first name. I'm sure the Indians would have been much happier if the both of them would have stayed home instead.

  2. Happy Columbus Day! Though we don't celebrate it over here lol

  3. Happy Columbus day. (I posted my cards off today, hope you get yours soon)

  4. Alessandra - That's the name! I knew it was Amerigo soemthing-or-other. lol But I agree, the Indians would have been happier if the Europeans weren't so curious.

    Hazel - Well Columbus didn't discover Ireland, so he really means nothing to you folks in Ireland. LOL ;)

    Mynx - YAY! Can't wait!!

  5. I never really thought much of him either. Have a great week.

  6. well, I'm sure some people would have assumed he fell off the edge of the known world but yeah, if not Columbus, then somebody else. Here in Spain it used to be called Día de la Hispanidad (Spanish day) but I've never actually seen it celebrated (at least not by people who knew why they were drinking and dancing and having a generally jolly good time ...;) But happy holls anyway! :)

  7. Odie - Thanks!

    Nancy - Just another excuse to party, eh? lol


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