Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And it starts . . .

Now that I made the decision to move it means that I have to go through my stuff. I really have no idea how one person can accumulate so much stuff. It's quite amazing really. What is also amazing is how much I toss out each time I've moved and yet, how much I still keep. Some stuff I have easily tossed out, thinking, "What the hell was I keeping that around for?!" I was pretty brutal when it came to my closets and my dresser drawers. So I thought I'd share some stuff with you. To take responsibility (so to speak) for my pack-rat ways.

I found a manual for a printer I haven't owned in at least 5 years. At least. Also a manual for the microwave I loaned to my BFF about three years ago because the apartment I moved into came with one over the stove and she needed one. Also, for the mixer I use when baking - and really how freaking hard are those to operate?! And last but no least, a manual for a 12" occillating fan . . . again . . . DUH.

And what's worse? I found more in another box on a different day. I'm totally serious. I have no clue what I thought I'd need so many for. I'll be giving these to a co-worker who does photography on the side. I'm pretty sure she can use them more than I can.

I can hear the roar of laughter from the new generation. I guess I was being nostalgic in keeping these floppies, but I finally let them go. And hey kids, I just tossed out all of my high school homework. Or well, at least my last two years worth. 

I think I'm still hearing laughter. Crazy thing is - it still works. And I found a CD in there when I opened it up. The ear phones were shot, though. I'm not sure about this one because it does still work. I could yard sale it, if I were going to have a yard sale. Kids these days would take one look at it and ask "Sooo, how do you download songs on here?" 

Yep. That's what's left of my cassette collection. My stereo still has cassette players on it. The trouble is these are so old now and I played them so dang much that they no longer sound any good at all. But oh the memories.

Now, here's one I want you're opinion on. In college I took an embryology class. This project took our entire class of 30-something kids about half a semester to complete - mostly because there are varying stages of what we did. What's in those jars are skeletons of mice and chicks. Two chicks, the rest are mice at varying stages from fetus to 3 days old. You might think this is sick, but the mice were bred specifically for this project. All of us kids came in late at night and/or early in the morning (so late/early security had to let us in) so that other classmates could use the next stage of solutions. In the end, the skeletons were dyed blue and red - one color shows bone and the other shows cartilage - showing how their skeleton starts out as mostly cartilage and over time how it hardens into bone. Now, I've put these on display since leaving college because I worry about other people's reactions, as not everyone is into science . . . so they've remained boxed for 8 years. Keep? Or toss?

So I discovered just how many freaking candles and holders I own. I was a bit flabbergasted to be honest. Now, after moving to Sticksville, I went to The Dollar Store and bought several candles and a few holders. My reasoning was that when the power went out I didn't want to use only my nice candles. I wanted some cheaper candles to burn. My goal was to get what I wanted into one box - the box shown in the picture.

And I succeeded. Okay well the tin on the left didn't fit, but I keep all my tea-lights in there and OHMIGOD it smells divine when you open the lid, and I knew it wouldn't fit in the box. I mean, it's self contained . . . (ahem) . . . the only other thing that didn't fit into the box was the really tall candle holder next to the box. Other than that, I kept what I knew I would and could use. Now, if anyone hears me asking for candles for Christmas this year, they have my permission to slap me.

This is just a small taste of what I've done so far. I have boxes of comforter sets and sheets that I'm hoping to give away to a co-worker. Also, some of the candle holders that I no longer want I will try to give away as well. I have several bags of trash already, and a few bags of clothes for donation. I have to say I am freaking proud of how I attacked my closets and clothes because I'm never that brutal. If I can maintain that, I'll be in good shape! Wish me luck!!


  1. Keep and display prominently. Or sell on eBay.

  2. I didn't know you were moving... Moving sucks! I don't know about those mice and chicks, part of me says trash them but that's actually pretty neat. In regards to the candles.. Make it a point to burn one more often :) Oh about the postcards, I've moved. I need to get a PO box so leave me out for now, at least until I get it further situated. I can still send them if it's my turn, are we still doing that?

  3. I vote ebay. There's a lot of people out there that would pay a pretty penny for those babies (pardon the pun). Not me mind you, but other people. :)

  4. I say keep it and put it on display, it's cool. Now the candles are another story, quit BUYING them or people may start believing you're a candle freak. Packing stinks, but at least you get to get rid of a lot of stuff. :)

  5. I've moved probably 2 dozen times in the last 20 years...and it is amazing how much stuff one can acquire!

    I love candles, and am of the opinion one can never have too many. But Bazinga tends to be a little too curious when they're lit, so I don't burn them often. Don't want her singing her whiskers off!

    Those colored skeletons are pretty cool looking. Hard call to keep or toss. Maybe the clinic would take them?

    Hey, I still have some of my cassettes and CD's too! :-) (why am I not surprised to see George Strait in your collection?) Hubby still has a bunch of his old floppies stashed somewhere too...

  6. Oh how I feel your pain! LOL. The last time I cleaned I had those old floppy disks too. I mean come on...when was I ever going to get the information off of those!? lol.

  7. Oh dear. Floppy disks. I'm afraid I have more than a few of those as well. Strange thing is, I can't throw them out. It's like this mental block--touch a floppy, instantly time travel to school days, panic soon follows, must keep floppy in case teacher loses paper. It's a vicious cycle.

  8. Ok missed the moving bit. A going to have to wander back and find out the rest of the story.
    I think I might have the same CD player ...somewhere.

  9. When it comes to the jars, let's put it this way - in the movies every person who had a jar collection of dead things turned out to be a killer. Every single one!

  10. I'm going to vote that you keep the neon skeletons AND display them. You seem to fancy them and if people are squeamish then tell them to harden up!

  11. CWMartin - That's one point for keep!

    Monkeybutt - For some reason, I just never really think about burning them. But I enjoy burning them, when I actually remember them. lol

    Juli - LOL Yeah, they are not everyone's cup of tea.

    Alex - Yes, new goal is to NOT buy candles until I actually NEED them. lol

    Cat - Yeah, I keep finding those cassettes every time I move, and all I can do is laugh.

    Jewels - LMAO Seriously. We just become the laughing stock for actually keeping them.

    Frisky - Yes, floppies. I'm just glad I'm not yet alone in remember those. lol

    Mynx - Guess you won't take the walkman out of my hands then? lol

    Drake - LMAO That's not something I thought of. I'd assure you I'm not a killer, but now that you've seen the skeletons (that have been in my closet oddly enough), I will never be able to convince you! lol

    Kat - I like your view! lol


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