Sunday, September 30, 2012

My new home actually has wheels under it LOL

I'm all moved and getting settled in. As settled as one can get in a 5th wheel, anyway. My clothes are spread between some spare space in Granny's closet and the spare room closet. Fortunately for me, Granny didn't part with one of her dressers, and it's been sitting empty in the spare room. Now it's being used, with the rest of my stuff.

Much of my stuff wound up out in the barn. And a few things are in the garage.

Miss Harriet has been having a rough time of it. Poor cat doesn't travel well. At. All. About 45 minutes into the drive to Redding, Miss Harriet decided she needed to poop and stink up the car. Had to pull over and hold tight to her as I used hand wipes to clean the poop out of the carrier (until then, I rolled the windows down so that I didn't suffocate). Luckily she hadn't smeared it around the carrier. Fifteen minutes later the drool started. By the time I reached McArthur she looked like Vampire Kitty with the drool fangs. Once at my parents house, I stashed her in the spare room until we were unloaded. At least it gave her some time to stop drooling and realize the world was no longer moving at 70mph. Or twisting and turning through four mountain passes.

We didn't help her acclamation today either as my parents needed to use the nail gun to put the valance over the bed in the 5th wheel. Miss Harriet decided the closet was the safest place. Until about 2pm when I finally enticed her out from the closet with some canned food. I don't think it helps that her new "home" rocks and shakes just by shaking your head. Poor lil' kitty.

Tomorrow morning (Monday), I'm off to the vet clinic that Dr. J called about last week. Keep your fingers crossed that I walk away with a job!! 


  1. Fingers crossed for your job :) and poor Miss Harriet.. and brave you, I don't think I'd deal too well if I had to clean cat poo with hand wipes x

  2. Fingers and toes crossed that you get the job. it certainly will be a good start to your move back home.
    Poor kitty. But she will adjust soon enough

  3. Fingers and toes crossed, and hey... at least you have your own space.

  4. Poor Harriet! It's rough on our furry friends when they don't travel well. I hope she's doing better :-)


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