Friday, February 22, 2013

I Have A New Obsession

First - Granny's home!! My parents drove to Redmond, OR to meet G's family who was driving them from Moses Lake, WA to Redmond. Granny had to ride in the back seat of her car, sitting long-ways in the back seat to try to keep her leg up. Mom and I had moved her furniture in her bedroom a bit to make room for the wheel chair she'll be using to get her in and around the house. We got everything unloaded and got Granny all situated in her chair - with her leg up. I fixed nachos for dinner - something that's yummy and easy enough for my not-so-betty-crocker-ass to fix. Anyway, Granny's home safe and sound, and mending at home.

We are all so grateful to G's family for taking such great care of her, and not to forget the doctors, either.

And now, onto my post.

I have a new obsession.

Many of you know of my love of Pride and Prejudice. I adore the movie with Colin Firth. I love the book. I love the fan-fiction spin-offs. And now there's something else P & P related that I have fallen for.

It's called the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, and it's a "show" on YouTube. Each "episode" is an average of 5ish minutes. It is, of course, all about Lizzie and her family. The tale has been highly modernized, like Lizzie now only has two other sisters - one has been turned into a cousin, the other into a cat. We have yet to actually meet her parents, but she mimics them for us - since it's all from her perspective. The cast is widely diverse in that Charles Bingley becomes Bing Lee. Fitzwilliam Darcy is just William Darcy and his cousin (in the book is Colonel Fitzwilliam) is just "Fitz". Catherine DeBourgh (sp??) is an investor in Mr. Collins' company and he still talks a lot and never really says anything.

It's a new way to tell the time old tale originally written by Jane Austen nearly 200 years ago. And it's funny. There's 90-some videos and I managed to watch them all in, like, a week. I can hardly get enough of these videos and now that I'm all caught up, I'm in agony waiting for the next one to be uploaded.

The premise behind these videos is that Lizzie and her BFF Charlotte Lu are grad school students majoring in Mass Communications and decided to start these videos as part of their thesis (if I remember correctly). Of course, the diaries show Lizzie's point of view on everything, with some input from Charlotte and her two sisters, with a few others that eventually show up.

I don't remember what blog I ran across that mentioned this awhile ago, and it took me a couple months to actually go check it out, but whomever you are, thanks. Totally love it.


  1. Boy, when you 'like' something, you really 'like' something uh? Sounds interesting, might give it a try in my copious free time....

    1. Is it really THAT obvious that I have NO life?


      If you happen to know of a LIFE anywhere, please, let me know ASAP! lol


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