Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fun Customers

Many weekends are somewhat mediocre when it comes to my Pet Nutritionist Consultant job I do on weekends. Meaning, I don't really talk to that many people, I don't give out a lot of coupons, and in general, walk around bored for four hours. Sundays are typically the worst culprit, but then many people are in church tip 11 or so then often go out to lunch before doing any shopping or potential pet adoption.

And then I have random days or weekends where I get some great customers to talk to. Customers that have great senses of humor and joke around with me.

Much like today. A gentleman and his wife came in and were in my dog food aisle. He saw me and asked if I happened to have any coupons available. I only had the $2 off the bagged food, and I told him as such, adding that I had already given my $10 off coupon away earlier in the day.

He said, "That's a bummer. But I do appreciate even the two dollars off." Bonus? The food he was buying was already on sale through the store for $10 off. My coupons are in addition to the sale price. So really, he still got $12 off the normal price. Not a bad deal.

He asked me if he could get a shirt like mine as he loves the food that I represent, and promotes it like crazy at all the dog competition things he goes to. I told him I'd email my DM and see what I could do for him. We laughed about the shirt and a the fact that he was not the "early bird to the worm" with the coupons. His wife joined in with us and as they were leaving I told her I had doggy scarves to hand out as it was an adoption weekend sponsored by the food I represent. She picked a color and they went on their way.

About 10 minutes later, the pair of them are heading back towards the dog food, with an empty cart. I said, "Either you forgot something, or you lied about loving my dog food and thought you could get past me with another brand of dog food in your cart."

They laughed then said that after they loaded everything in their truck they realized the canned dog food they bought had been on sale for only 30 cents a can (which is like  dirt cheap) so they came back in for more. He loaded up and then as he started to walk way he began again about the shirt he wanted. He made sure to tell me his size and asked if I'm at the store every weekend and if I might have a $10 off coupon for him. Then he saw the scarves in my hand and realized I had been "holding out on him" and asked if he could have one. I told him "of course he could!" and to pick a color, stating I also had a orange in the bag.

His eyes lit up when I said orange, and he asked if he could have an orange one rather than the green one he had originally picked out. Of course he could, so I grabbed him one and officially said good-bye until the next time he needed dog food.

It's customers like that that I really do enjoy. Most customers, while nice enough, don't really invest much time joking with you and creating a rapport with you. They usually just ask some questions, and you send the on their way. But customers like this guy and his wife are good fun customers because they actually take a moment to joke around with you and brighten up your day.

I do wish I ran into more customers like that. Makes my day go by a bit faster.


  1. People like that always make the day more pleasant. :-)
    We have some memorable clients that come into the clinic as well. Some good, some kooky, some just downright crazy. Then there are the ones who claim they "want to do right by their pet"...then turn around and do the complete opposite of what the vet tells them!!

    1. Oh yeah, those kind of clients are everywhere. Always good for a laugh, a chuckle, or in some cases make you want to vent out your frustrations. lol

  2. woww ,, goodluck :)


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