Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh The Tangled Webs We Weave

Wednesday seemed to go about like any other work day. Except there was a training meeting via phone conference for about an hour or so, starting at 8. Rather boring and until we start the new process, we really won't have that many questions or really understand the whole thing. 

Bubbles was her normal self - her utter cheerfulness infecting all those around her. Meaning the complete opposite of course.

I did my work throughout the day, finally coming to a point about 4pm where I didn't have anything to do. I had been working on doing some clean up on my "schedule" (pestering people as to why we haven't received payment), and had walked back in and heading to my desk when L asked me what I was doing. I replied that I was working on my schedule. She wanted to see what I had, which wasn't much as I've been keeping a close eye and it's been only one page long (when I started it was 3 pages) and I had addressed anything over 5 days old. I told/showed her and then asked her if she had anything I could help her with as I was pretty much done for the day. She said she had a project for me. Made me happy as I like to stay busy and didn't want to told to leave early if I didn't have anything to do.

I went to my desk to put my papers away and went back to L's desk so she could show me what she wanted me to do. She was looking to clean up our inventory online and make sure it matches what he physically have. As she's going over all of this, I saw an email notification pop up in the bottom right hand corner of her screen.

Now I'm not being nosy, as I was there for a reason and staring at her computer screen for the same reason. I was not snooping  or accessing anything I shouldn't.

The email was from Bubbles. The notifications also include the first couple of lines of the email. And since the notifications only pop up for about 10 seconds, I don't remember it verbatim. 


What I do remember is this: "Dang! . . . . hope she'd go home early!"

I think the part I'm fuzzy on was something about me being done for the day or not having anything else to do.

Now, here's what bothers me. Bubbles sent this to L. I like L. She and I get along well and she's a good teacher. L is also the assistant office manager.

I will let that last bit sink in.

How fucking inappropriate is that? Only tons. My last hour of work I was really pissed off, but I didn't show it. I sat down with the printouts from L and set about matching what's in stock physically and online. Now, I know Bubbles and L are "friends" to a point. I believe they started at the company about the same time, and they take their lunches together. Well, to be honest, L, Bubbles, and T get to take their lunch at noon. I have to wait until 1. My boss typically doesn't eat her lunch until 12:30 or 1 and she usually eats at her desk.

So basically speaking, I am (in a sense) ostracized from the group having to take my lunch after everyone else.

Also, from day one, Bubbles has (for some reason) been quite hostile towards me. I have been chalking it up to her personality and that our personalities don't "mesh well". I am aware that  not everyone gets along, and I don't go to work to make friends. I do, however, expect civility and I don't believe I really get even that. Either that or her version of civility is vastly different than mine.

I talked it over with Boyfriend - saying I may need to talk to my OM on Monday when she gets back. As the whole situation is inappropriate and creating a hostile environment. However, if I complain, Bubbles will get talked to, and she knows exactly who will have complained. There are only 5 of us in the office, including the OM. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Boyfriend suggested I start documenting everything instead of going to my OM. Which I will start doing. Besides, either way I still take the brunt of it. If I leave it be, Bubbles will continue to exude her contempt for me. If I make a complaint, it will only make it worse.  So really, I'm screwed either way.

Also, Bubbles repeated a comment about having to fix stuff on her "schedules" and that those problems are due to other people's incompetence and laziness. She repeated it at least 3 times. If she's referring to me, I don't know what "problems" she's speaking of. She mentioned a few weeks ago for me to watch something and I have been. I even went to my OM to verify if I was following correct procedure. So I took measures to make sure to not make the same mistakes. If there are other mistakes she's referring to, I have no idea what they would be as no one has said anything. And if they are my mistakes and they aren't telling me about them, there is no way I can stop making said mistakes. I can't learn and grow if you don't inform me and teach me.

Oh. And that laziness bit? I'm not sure you could consider me slacking on the job. I do the deposit every day, process any and all dealer trades and wholesale transactions, process contract cancellation requests, and work on my "schedule". And when I run out of stuff to do, I ask L or the OM if there is anything I can help with, even if it's just filing. I even took on the dreaded task of shifting all the deals in the filing cabinets to make room. Me? Lazy? Doubtful. She may be referring to just our company, however, seeing as I'm getting the hint that she believes I'm incompetent and lazy, I'd like to say this to her:

"You think I'm lazy? I work three jobs, seven days a week. Three weeks in, I'm still unpacking and getting settled in my new place. I'm preparing to host my first Thanksgiving. Most every night I get home about 5:30 and do stuff around the house - clean, laundry, dinner, dishes, ironing, stack wood, go cut more wood, unpack, move shit around, write stuff for my grandparents magazine, do online training for my weekend job, and spend some quality time with Boyfriend. You're only 22 years old and you have a shit-ton of things to learn - one of them is basic civility. And trust me, you're not perfect either and you don't know everything. You are not entitled to anything so you can shelve your 'I'm better than everyone else' attitude. Also? Involving the assistant manager in your hatred of me is highly inappropriate work place behavior. So fuck you and the horse you road in on. Bitch."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to do some more unpacking before I go to bed.

Lazy, my ass.



  1. I agree with the documenting things part - but not about not saying anything. Bubbles is out of line, and needs to learn that her toxicity in the workplace is unacceptable. Not saying anything is going to allow her to continue to run rampant. So what if she knows who complained? Stand up for yourself, hon.

    1. I shall see how it goes. To a point, I don't care what she thinks of me. While she is out of line, I get the idea that the assistant manager emails the OM when these sort of things happen. I know for a fact that complaining makes things worse (been through this before, not necessarily personally, but watched it happen among other co-workers), and I definitely don't want worse.

  2. I am coming to learn that the best answer to someone complaining about the other guy being lazy is the same answer you give them when they accuse you of farting: "A fox smells his own hole first."

    I listened to one of our engineers the other day give a perfect description of himself to a newer engineer- only he said it was a third engineer he was describing. I was going to say something to the new engineer about it. But within a week or two of the incident, I heard the new engineer use terms such as "lazy", "sloppy", and "inexcusable" in describing the first engineer. IOW, he got it all on his own.

    Sounds though like your problem is ingrown. I think I'd go into the OM and ask for a performance review. If there are problems, that's the best way to know. If there aren't, then say, "well, then, why does bubbles keep telling everyone that I'm lazy?" But that's me. A big stick might work well also.

    1. I like your stick idea. lol Well, I have been wanting to go to the OM and ask her how she things I'm doing, where she thinks I need to improve, etc. Always good to know where the boss thinks I stand. It's more important to know the boss' opinion more than Bubbles'.

  3. There is no end to how caddy women can get and how the weak minded band together behind anything other people say. You know your worth and your character so they can do ...well do not nice things. ;)

  4. It always amazes me just how terrible it is when a bunch of women work together.

  5. I agree with the idea of documenting the harassment/bullying because that is what it could be/become and also with the plan to ask your boss how you are doing.
    You might then get the opportunity to discuss concerns with how Bubbles is treating you.
    In my experience, this sort of stuff happens when someone believes you are a threat to them in some way

    1. A few people have mentioned that she may feel threatened by me, or that I took a position she wanted. I don't know how I'd be a threat to her. As for job duties, it's entirely possible that she wanted my duties and the OM said no. But that's not MY fault. But I know that's not how some people's minds work.


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