Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Are you settling for something?

I don't believe so. Unless settling for not having something because I cannot afford it counts. Like nightstands. Otherwise, nope.
2.  It wasn't that long ago almost every store in the US locked doors and turned out lights on Thanksgiving Day. This year many will be open all day Thursday, giving shoppers a jump start on 'Black Friday'. In your opinion is this a good thing or a not so good thing? Will you be shopping on Thanksgiving Day?

NO, it is NOT a good thing at all. I find it disgusting! Unless I need something specifically for Turkey Day dinner, I am NOT leaving my house. I will enjoy my day off with my family and friends, hosting it for the first time. I've never really understood Black Friday to begin with, but at least it didn't tread too much on the holiday. I'm sorry but it's just absolutely ridiculous and out of control.
3. Speaking of shopping... I saw a recent article on the twelve best shopping cities in the world. In order they are-
New York, Tokyo, London, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Dubai, Madrid, Milan, and Seoul.
Ever shopped in any of the cities listed? In which city would you most like to pull out the plastic or cold hard cash?

I shopped a bit in New York, but I was only there for like 36 hours. Don't think I bought anything, though. I did see a play, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and bought a meal from McDonalds though.
4.  When did you last dine by candlelight?

Hmmm. Several months ago when Boyfriend cooked a nice steak dinner and we ate out on the patio with candlelight.
5. What do you have too much of?

Just stuff! lol It's amazing how much one accumulates over time!
6. The Hunger Games...are you a fan?  Did you read the book(s)?  Will you/have you seen the movie?  Will you/have you seen Catching Fire?  No spoilers please!

OMG Yes a big fan!! It wasn't until I saw previews for the first movie and it sounded interesting. People told me I wouldn't regret reading the books so I tried them. I was hooked ever since. I've read  the books so many times I've lost count. I own the first movie and I cannot wait to see the second one!!
7. Share your plans for Thanksgiving Day. The who, the where, the what...especially the what! As in what's for dinner?  If you're one of my International visitors, whose homeland doesn't celebrate American Thanksgiving (the whole world doesn't ya know!), then still tell us your plans for Thursday.

Boyfriend, Grandma and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our new place. We're excited to have our family out to see the house. I've never hosted it before, but Boyfriend has. My parents are thrilled to finally not be the hosts for once. lol As for dinner, it's a typical dinner with turkey, ham, stuffing, green salad, pink jello-type salad, asparagus, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy with pecan and pumpkin pies and a cheesecake for dessert.
8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

 Boyfriend finally got himself a job back in the water industry!!! He's been looking for a long time. It's part time, but he'll be Operations Manager at a small mountain district about 45 minutes West of town. And in the next 6 months, it appears he'll be taking over the small town's neighboring district and be running both districts. It's not ideal and not perfect, but it's a JOB and in his preferred industry. We are just so thrilled!!


  1. I have only just watched the first Hunger Games but really loved it. MJ has the books so if I get a chance after Christmas I might have to read them.
    Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving planned and I hope it all went well

    1. Our Thanksgiving turned out really well. And I do suggest the Hunger Games books if you get a chance. I loved them.


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