Monday, January 20, 2014

Details of the Asshat Neighbor

I left off with the Restraining Order after the douche bag trespassed on our property because Boyfriend asked him to keep is damn dogs quiet.

In our research for all of this court stuff, we have come to discover the true identity of our neighbor. We know his name and the names of his wife, two daughters, his son and his grandson. We have also discovered that he is, in fact, a pastor - at the local Pentecostal Church. His predecessor is currently serving time in prison for child molestation. His oldest daughter is just 21, has a two year old and another on the way; possibly divorced as she has a different last name but lives with her parents.

Boyfriend's Grandma works with someone who knows a Pentecostal who attends this church. Evidently they pay for their pew in church. Some people have to borrow money, refinance their homes or whatever, to pay for their pew for the year. They are what some might call the "holy-rollers" - the kind of church where they raise their hands, some fall to the floor while caught in their love for God, believe in the "heeaaalin' power of the lord" and in some cases, play with snakes.

Sort of explains the fact that he lives in a million dollar home and wears alligator boots. Courtesy of his parishioner's so it would seem.

We also know the name of his church and exactly where it is. In fact, when Grandma filed her complaint with Adult Protection Services, she put his work (church) address and phone number, considering we don't know his house phone.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am all for everyone believing what they wish. Our neighbor has every right to attend or minister the church of his choice. What I have a problem with is the fact that he's not abiding by the county ordinances regarding barking dogs. I also have a problem with his smug and I'm-better-than-everyone attitudes. Just because he has found Jesus and believes in the healing power of Him doesn't give him the right to be an asshole and encourage his dogs to bark, trespass on other people's property, and bully everyone into silence.

Grandma actually tried to file a Restraining Order against the pastor since he bullied her and trespassed on our property, but she couldn't afford the $425 filing fee. So that didn't happen.

After finding the chain to our pasture gate cut and finding a dead chicken, the only thing the Sheriff's Office would do was "recommend surveillance cameras and motion lights". So Boyfriend spent $300 on security cameras and positioned them around the  property. We have caught nothing but our charming selves doing yard work for the past three weeks. Although the other day we found one of our three "no trespassing" signs ripped off the fence. It had been screwed in and the screws are still in the wood.

I called the Sheriff's Office last week after the dog had been barking for five hours and the deputy kept telling me to call Animal Control. I was quite persistent in stating, "We're caught in limbo here. I call you to report a nuisance and disturbance of the peace and all you can tell me is that I need to call animal control because your office doesn't respond to barking dogs. I call animal control and because I live outside the city limits it's an unmanned office with ONE person manning it. I'm lucky if I get a returned phone call. They don't do anything because they have higher priority abuse cases and the like. What the hell am I supposed to do?"

His response? "Call animal control during business hours."

My fucking taxes pay your fucking salary asshole. Thanks for upholding the law and keeping the peace.

Anyway, back to the good pastor.

We've also discovered where the "dead dog" is. Tonight, standing on the front porch, we saw one dog on the front porch laying in front of the door. We kept hearing barking, but it wasn't the dog on the front porch. The good pastor has a kennel in the back, which is where the other dog was, barking his head off. It would seem that we've only been seeing one dog running around and that he's trying to "hide" the other dog.

Somebody's trying to be sly.

Next time I really will tell you what happened at last week's court date.


  1. One thing that pastor is going to have a hard time with is when he dies and that "Jesus" he supposes he found says to him, "Remember my saying that not everyone who cries Lord, Lord, will be saved, but only he who obeys Him who sent Me?" I have no problem with Pentecostals. I have several good Pentecostal friends. But this man is no "pastor", and anyone who WILLINGLY pays for a seat in a building is no Pentecostal and no Christian. They are no better than the money changers working the outskirts of the Temple, and remember what happened to them? I just get sick of these alleged "pastors" who've chosen another god and another gospel giving true believers a bad name. Whatever happened at the court date is FAR better than what waits for him... and being a "man of God," that's a crying shame.

    1. This is my first encounter with a Pentecostal. First impression ain't so hot. I've had friends from all kinds of churches and beliefs and they've been cool. Like I say, my beef with this guy is that he's a psychotic asshole who thinks he's above the law just because of what he does. As for his church, he's found a way to make money is all and there are people who blindly follow him, rolling on the floor of his church because the "love of God" is just too much to handle while sitting in a pew. I've seen the pictures on his church's website. Yikes.

  2. Thing with different religions is that the attendees are usually fine, but the leaders.... it's their livelihood. They live it, breathe it, and feel they are better than everyone because they are "chosen". Good luck... and please be safe. Sometimes that type of person's screws are more loose than the ones on your trespass sign. :( Is there a limit to how many dogs you can have without a kennel permit? Maybe you can get the anchorites on him on a technicality. And I realize I'm not in on the whole story, but dogs don't bark like that for no reason.... maybe there's something weird going on. Like bad weird.

    1. Oh his screws are pretty loose. Where we are, you can have up to 6 dogs - once you have 7 you are technically supposed to have a kennel license. And he only has two. He can control his dog's barking, he chooses not to. In some cases we think he actually goes out there and punishes them for being quiet. We told animal control and don't think they came out.

  3. I haven't commented for awhile, but I'm still following your blog--and I'm anxiously awaiting the rest of this story! What happened in court? And when did you quit your job again? So many questions!

    And that (to use your words) asshat neighbor? Holy cow. As a practicing Evangelical, Pentecostal Christian I am incredibly offended. And if I had to pay for the privilege of sitting in a seat, and my minister led such a life as this? You better believe I'd be finding a church where they'd be happy to see you, where attendance doesn't require a second mortgage but is in fact a welcome event, and where the ministers lead by example! What a horrid experience you've been through!


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