Friday, January 3, 2014

Here's One Way To Start the New Year

And it's definitely not the way a person would prefer to start out their new year.


No fucking shit.

My boss called me into her office on Thursday after the other gals went to lunch.

Apparently they are eliminating my position due to lack of work.

I have been forced to leave early most days for over a month because I don't have enough work to do. In the back of my mind I worried something like this would happen. Because I can understand a few days here and there, but nearly every day?

I cleaned out my desk and left. I deposited my final pay check.

And I drove to my parents house as I knew they'd be home. I spent two hours crying on their shoulders.

Then I drove home. Boyfriend's Grandma and mom were there and I told them. They were shocked.

Boyfriend got home about an hour later and upon seeing me home early (yet again), he jokingly said, "That boss of yours needs a talking to."

I replied with, "What boss?"

The look on his face was priceless. It took a few minutes for him to wrap his mind around it.

He gave me a big bear hug and told me everything would be okay.

He gave me a margarita and had me split help him split wood.

I am so thankful that I had the brains to keep my weekend pet nutrition job and of course writing for my grandparents paper. It may only be a few hundred dollars a month that come in from them, but it's enough to keep me afloat.

And on top of this.... I managed to get whatever nasty stomach bug that is going around.

Thank you New Year for kicking a girl while she's down. Not only did it hit me while I was out in town, but I had to have an embarrassing time in the bathroom at Macy's.

It is apparent that 2014 and I are not getting along very well as of yet.


  1. Get the bad stuff done right off the bat, punt January, prepare for 11 months of good things!

  2. Oh gosh that is horrid! I really hope it gets better for you, it sounds like you have a fantastic support network though :)

  3. It IS rather horrid, isn't it? lol But yes, I do have wonderful family and friends who are there for me and let me cry on their shoulders and tell me everything will be ok. :)


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