Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Forced donating

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the donation fiasco that I dealt with regarding my job's annual United Way campaign. My department's fundraiser is Thursday night, and I'm already feeling the pressure.

Last week, no one bothered me for much. Another department did a bake sale, and I offered to bake some cookies and muffins. I told the head guy that those would be my donations to United Way, seeing as how I can't even part with $5 as my bills are much more important. He was totally fine with that.

This week, however, is my department's turn. We're doing a Salsa Cook-off and Nacho Bar. I was planning on making salsa, as that's easy enough to do and let that be my donation. I won't be doing that anymore. The nacho thing got added Monday night as the salsa cook-off alone isn't a very big fundraiser. They charge per vote and per taste-test. You can choose a small nacho container or a large nacho container. And we're even making virgin margaritas for an additional cost. And at the last minute, my boss decides to charge an entrance fee for the salsa cook-off. I have to pay $3 just to put a bowl of salsa out for others to taste. Hell no.

What sucks is this: I love nachos. This is positively killing me.

Not to mention, while I was on lunch last night, my boss and two others were in the break room discussing our event. This was when I found out all these "donation" charges. As I'm sitting at my own table, eating my chili and garlic bread, my boss goes on and on about how she expects everyone to participate. Meaning, the nacho sign-up sheet that doesn't have my name it on . . . I could possibly get hell for that. When I don't have a bowl of salsa on the table, I could get hell for that. When I don't show up with my paycheck to donate all the money their looking for, I could get hell for that. She wants so hard to beat the other department who raised nearly $600 from their bake sale, because why? The department who earns the most money gets pizza.

I have nowhere to hide on Thursday night. It supposed to start at 1AM, and I don't go to lunch until 2:30AM. I have already refused to bring anything for the nacho bar, considering I'm not eating any of it, nor am I donating money to eat it. I'm not sure if my boss has caught wind yet of the fact that my name is not on that sign up sheet.

I know I'm within my rights to not donate for whatever my personal reasons are. But sometimes, others just don't understand - whether it's a can't or won't, I'm not entirely sure. I may not be destitute, but I need all I can get. If I have a couple extra bucks and decide to let loose once, I treat myself cheaply, like a $3 meal from McD's, or a $2 meal from Taco Bell. But that's at my discretion.

I know I'm a good person because I volunteer for my two organizations with my time. But I'm really starting to feel like a chump for not being able to give money to United Way. Especially with my boss hollering around the lab how she expects everyone to be buying salsa votes and nachos. I know I shouldn't feel bad, but I do. And I hate that.

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