Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pet Peeves, Part III

11. Lunch Thieves: They got me last night, first time ever. And boy did it piss me off. I've heard it happens to others, but I was always of the mind that "it would never happen to me". I took the makings of a sandwich with a couple small lunch-size baggies of chips. I wasn't sure which one I'd want with my sandwich, so I took options - a little bag of Fritos and a little bag of Doritos. By the time I went to lunch last night, I was famished. I grab my bag from the fridge and reach up on top of the fridge for the two bags of chips. Usually they're safe. Unfortunately, this time, someone else decided they were free for the taking and freaking ate them. My hand grabbed air. I ate my sandwich with a side of sandwich thanks to a couple of assholes. Common courtesy folks: If you didn't bring, DON'T EAT IT.

12. Pushy Bosses/Co-workers: I know what time I'm supposed to clock out every day. I don't need to be reminded for the last hour what time I have to leave by. I don't need someone crowding me the last 30 minutes asking if and when they can take over for me. Pushing and crowding makes me nervous and rushed and then I make mistakes. Unfortunately I can't blame my mistakes on that, they still get blamed on me. So, when I'm ready, I shall come find you. Then I'll leave. On time.

13. Excessively Loud Apartment Living: College years are one thing, but most places I've lived since college are a place for adults to live a
nd possibly raise a family. Now, some things are accidental - you're on the top floor and you drop the mayo jar. Oops. My bad. I don't even mind hearing my neighbors music a little during the weekend - we all need to blast it once in awhile. But blaring it all day and well into the night? Come on, folks. Other people have to sleep. Or their kids have to sleep. If you live on the top floor, please walk quietly. There's nothing quite like being afraid for your life thinking the roof will collapse on top of you. And for the love of all things Holy, please don't practice your bedroom screams at 2AM. (Ya'll know what I'm talking about.)

14. Intersection Beggars: You've all seen them. The people that stand around an intersection with a sign that usually reads something like "Hungry: Anything will help. Thanks." They stare at you while you're sitting there in your car. You c
an feel their gaze burning a hole into your skull. What could be worse? Them hollering at you to roll your window down. Yeah. That's getting a little rude, don't ya think?

15. Forcible Donation Solicitation: Donations are simple. If you want to give, you give. You have the right to pick and choose to which organization(s) you'd like to donate to. Many companies like to "give back" to some of the larger charities. I commend them. I think that's great. The idea, that is. Unfortunately, the company as a whole, doesn't seem to want to give a lump sum every year, they leave it to the individual business parts of the company to raise the money. I've blogged a couple times regarding the Un
ited Way campaign at work (see crazy and forced), and how it's pretty much expected that you will donate every week for 8 weeks during each shift and each department's fundraisers. When people ask why you're not coming, you simply state, "I don't wish to participate." Then the interrogation starts. They hound you until you come clean as to why you won't part with $3. In my case, that $3 needs to stay with me. Then they throw the pity line and want to pay for me. That's very kind of you, but that's okay. Or they say things to the point of making you feel like a schmuck. A pissed off schmuck. And that's not a good feeling. Trust me.


  1. Oh I have a ton of pet peeves... and I share many of yours. What a great idea for a post!


  2. I have to say that the intersection beggars get to me. Not because I have no heart...but because they make me feel guilty for not giving. This goes to the kids raising money for their school too. I have a number of charities that I give to yearly and I don't want to be digging in my pocketbook at a red light to give you my change. It is obnoxious...and makes me feel like a bad person just because I'm not giving. Ugh.


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