Monday, September 20, 2010

Psycho Roomie, Part IV

We left off with Betty leaving our apartment late at night with Suzi chasing her down, trying to get her back after she pushed her out. I was left standing in the apartment, completely astonished at what I witnessed. I don't really remember much else from that night. I think I tried placing another call, crying, to my then-boyfriend, who wasn't picking up. I don't remember if Suzi tried talking to me about the incident, as if I wasn't there. What I do remember is the aftermath.

Betty came home the next day with moving boxes and started packing. And looking for a place to live. At best, she was there another week or two, and she would be gone. Betty and Suzi never said another word to each other. Well, it was more like Betty refused to say anything to Suzi and did her best to not be in the same room as her. Suzi kept pushing. Creating drama at every turn. I stayed out of that one. Betty and I would sit outside her room at the front of the apartment late at night and talk. Betty often spent her nights at friends houses as she didn't want to stay over-night at our place; she feared Suzi might try something. And of course, Suzi's mother showed up to stay until Betty was gone, since Suzi's mother was afraid Betty would do something to Suzi. Seriously. Betty and I feared more for Betty's life than Suzi's.

I mentioned briefly, that when things started getting ugly in the apartment, I started having boy troubles. Right after this fight between Suzi and Betty, Boyfriend and I broke up. My parents were getting on a plane to take an Alaskan cruise for their 25th wedding anniversary. I kept my best friend from church crying for hours on her shoulder via the phone. Boyfriend broke my heart. He was my first boyfriend and the first boy to break my heart. Now, fast forward several years, he and I are excellent friends. Turned out better that way. My mom was grateful to Suzi's mother for one thing: being there for me when Boyfriend broke up with me. She gave me hugs and tried to tell me everything would be okay. I was grateful, too. Until Suzi and her mother did a group hug with me. The gratefulness stopped there. Then it got a bit creepy.

In a span of about two weeks, I lost the better of two roommates and a boyfriend. I was on a roll. When my parents got back from their two week cruise, Betty was gone, having found a room in a house near campus. I told my parents everything that happened and they were astounded by what went on. I told them I'd really rather not live with Suzi anymore. God only knew what she would do to me if she turned on me. In the end, financially, it wouldn't work for me to move. My parents spoke with Suzi's parents regarding rent and how we could only afford so much. Rent was agreed upon. And I was to remain living with Suzi. All I remember is my mom asking me to not blame them if I wound up in therapy from living with this chick.

With Betty gone, so was her nice entertainment center. Along with the TV, VCR, and DVD player. And her Play Station. So, since I was the only with a large enough TV, I moved mine on it's little stand out to the living room. I had it all, except the Play Station. And now that my TV stand was out of my room, I could move my book case into my room, which made Suzi very happy. Did I mention her giving me shit about my book case? I had a small three shelf book case from my Nana. It housed old text books for reference, all my CD's, and other random stuff. I hadn't had the room in my room to keep it, so we all agreed it was okay to put it in the living room. I even left the top shelf open for all three off us to put stuff on. So that it wasn't just "mine". It was all okay until Suzi realized my personal shit was on the book case. All Hell broke loose over that. She kept on me about until I cracked and yelled back at her "And where do you expect me to put the book case, Suzi? Please, tell me where I have room?" That shut her up. But now that my TV was out of my room, I unloaded my book case and moved it and all it's belongings into my room. She never said a word, but I'm pretty sure the bitch gloated.

Suzi held the threat of going to the cops over Betty's head for awhile. Unknowingly to Suzi, Betty had already gone with her dad to the police station to file a report about the incident. Nothing ever happened about that. Suzi was pretty much full of a hot air anyway.

I barely spoke to Suzi after that night. I didn't want to. I thought she had to be the worst person in the world to treat her "friend" like that. Remember, Suzi introduced Betty and I; her and Betty had been friends prior to this. Not besties, or anything, but friends nonetheless. Suzi was also going to be starting her research project. For the College of Ag at Chico State, each student is required to take a two part class for a research project, and do a research project of their own. Many students pair with a professor and piggy-back off their current project. Some come up with their own. Suzi did the latter. Considering the College of Ag works with farm animals and she doesn't. Also consider the fact that Suzi killed an Aloe Vera plant (not kidding), she wasn't going to do a project with plants. Oh no, Suzi came up with her own project and to my dismay . . . conducted it in our apartment. Me? Not a happy camper. Why? Her project title: The Affect of Cage Size on Mother Mice. (Regarding the size cages research mice can be housed in).

Anyone else see where this is going?

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  1. Yikes - seems like you have unlimited stories!

    As for the writing on pictures thing, there are a lot of ways to do it but I use power point because I am pretty good with it. You import a picture then just go at it. You can draw, add shapes or text, whatever. But when you're done you save the whole thing as a JPG as opposed to a power point presentation. Let me know how it goes!



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