Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pet Peeves, Part II

Right, more pet peeves. You knew they were coming. My previous list was only 5 items, and you know that just wasn't enough. So today, I'm adding more. Enjoy.

6. Table Manners: Didn't you're mother teach you not to chew with your mouth open? No one likes a game of "see food", so shut your trap and chew with you mouth closed. If someone were raised by cows, I might understand, but even cows aren't that bad. And they're aren't that noisy, either. Believe me. I work with someone who is often in the break room when I go to lunch. I hate this. Because this person would be the poster child for "see food". Not only do I have to see what's in the mouth while their eating, I have to hear them smacking away and breathing through their mouth. This could easily drive me over the edge. Think Darth Vader chewing with his mouth open. Yeah. It's that loud. And on top of that, this person will talk to me. So not only do I have watch their food, I have to listen to them chew it, listen to them breathe while chewing, and listen to them trying to talk to me. Sweet Jesus, help me.
(Now, please compare who is louder, the human or the cow. I'm serious.)

7. Conversation Interruptus: For nothing important. My boss calls me into her office to go over the cross-training schedule for September. I'm in the office for not even 30 seconds when the other supervisor jumps in talking about how they have to figure out how they're getting to the airport. I stand there while they then bounce ideas off each other. The matter was never settled. That couldn't have waited the 3 minutes I was talking to her about the schedule? Seriously. If it's life and death, use all means necessary to flag someone down. If it can wait 5 minutes, please wait. Life doesn't revolve around you. It revolves around me. ;p

8. Horrible Drivers: Jewels mentioned in a comment on my last Pet Peeves blog, and I agree. Bad drivers are everywhere. Every city has it's own special bad drivers. And every state, the same thing. California drivers have a problem with Oregon drivers. Oregon drivers hate driving IN California because they have to pump their own gas. That's another fun topic. Anyway Sacramento drivers have this odd tendency to break for a leaf. Bay area drivers are insane - they drive at least 90mph, weave through traffic like they own the road, talking on their phones, and honking at everyone in their way (which of course, is everyone). Chico drivers can't pass each other to save a life. And in New York City, everyone is in the way to anyone sitting behind the wheel (pedestrian, cyclist, stray dog . . . it really doesn't matter). And Florida had to post a minimum speed limit of 45mph on their freeways because all the old people would cause accidents by driving too slow! To confound matters are those with cell phones in hand, up to their ears, chatting away. Then you have drivers who's cars you "feel" at least a mile before you see them - you know, those cars with the bass cranked up so high you can't actually make out the song lyrics? And why is that when you're in a hurry, everyone around you drives like a damn snail???

9. Whiners: We all have our moments of pity. Well all have moments of "Why me?". If it's something you can fix, fix it already. If you can't, then please accept it and move the hell on. Friends and family are there for you when you need a hug, when you need a shoulder to cry on. I can't stand it when all I hear is the whining. What am I supposed to do? Wave my magic wand and fix it for you? Do I look like Hermione Granger? No. I don't.

10. Disturbing My Slumber: If I know you and I like you, I have no issues with you disturbing my slumber. If my BFF called and needed to cry on my shoulder at 3pm (remember I work graveyard!), I'm happy to listen. If my mom called with something important, or even just had a question, I don't mind. If you're a telemarketer, go jump off a bridge. If you're knocking on my door, just jump off the balcony. If you ring my doorbell that has yet to be fixed and start my apartment of fire, I will find you and hunt you down. I lead a simple life. If I'm expecting company, I love the knock on my door or the ring of my doorbell. If I'm not expecting someone, I get really annoyed really fast. Like the kids who run around town trying to sell magazine subscriptions to win a trip to Europe. I don't want any magazines. And I don't want 3 sets of you idiots knocking on my door in one evening. Get a real job and put the money in a savings account and go during Spring Break like everyone else. And let me sleep!


  1. I really cant belive I watched those videos!!! LMAO! The "person" was gross!!!!!!!!

  2. Holly - you're comment made me laugh sooooo damn hard!! I'm still laughing!! I had to watch them to put them on there! Yeah, that lady was pretty bad, but that's what I see and hear with that person I mentioned in the blog. It's horrible!!! (I'm STILL giggling over your comment!!!)

  3. Holly I skipped the videos for fear the sounds would make me gag up a perfectly delicious dinner. haha.
    Thanks for the honorable mention of the bad drivers...they really are top of my list.
    I think mine would also include interupters, people for fight in public, people who talk on cell phones in restuarants, people who are rude to wait staff, people who blow smoke in my face (i'm a non-smoker and thats just nasty) and also people who do now know personal boundries (read standing too close and touching too much).
    Maybe I should blog them. haha.

  4. Jewels - Actually the is the one that's quiet and polite. It's the gal that'll put of you off you're dinner! LOL And I most definitely agree with your adds for the pet peeves list. Sounds like we could go on and on and on. . . And I work with people who don't always know "personal space". I think it's a cultural thing, but I've had to go to my boss about it. A few times!

    And Holly's comment STILL has me laughing! :o)


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