Friday, September 10, 2010

Um, awkward . . .

As I've mentioned before, I'm attempting the world of online dating. Yes, "peek-a-boo" still happens. Often. More often than I wish. There are so many times I want to write on my profile something akin to "Don't just view me, email me!" But I don't want to seem "pushy". Or any other choice words for that matter.

However, there is something far more awkward than someone playing "peek-a-boo" for a month before they decide to contact you or reply to you. I received an email today that said I had new matches. So I went to check them out. Several were too far away, but you have to view the profile in order to close the match, so if they're absolutely adorable or mouth-watering hot and they live 6 hours away from you . . . dude, it sucks. I was about half way through the set I received today, and clicked on a guy from Chico. His profile picture was, first off, a horrible decision. It wasn't a good picture as I had a hard time telling him from his dog. The second picture wasn't much better, although there wasn't a dog in the picture. Third picture literally made my jaw drop. I think I also stopped breathing for a full minute. So, here's where awkward comes in.

I know the guy. I used to work with him while I lived in Chico. He was a nice guy, never had issues with him. My last year there, I hung out with him a lot since he hung out with the guy I dated. At the time, he had a very nice girlfriend that he lived with. Obviously that didn't pan out.

How can this get more awkward?

My asshole of an ex-boyfriend is sitting right next to him in the picture. Not joking.

As soon as the picture came up, all I saw was the jerk. I stammered (once I could catch my breath), "He knows Joe Schmoe???" (totally fake name btw). I looked at the caption which read, "I'm on the left". I looked left. And I recognized the guy who belonged to the profile.

Needless to say, I closed the match.


  1. Oh noooooo. I actually got excited for you. dammit!!

  2. Holy crap awkward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck. Online dating is one of those hit or miss things, from what I've heard.

  3. Haha. I got matched with my best friends brother once and we both closed the match...but when we next saw each other....awkward! hahaha.

  4. Oh God, not good!

    Hazel xxx


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