Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog Love!

I wish to thank my dear blogging friend over at Three Cats and My Coffee Cup bestowed upon me this wonderful Blog Award a couple weeks ago. Thank you my dear friend for passing it on to me.

And, of course, the usual routine that comes with such an honor. Here are some questions that come with this award, and of course those questions need answering.
1) My favorite color:   I have to say purple. It's also my birthstone color.

2) My favorite animal:  Horses. Dogs. Cats.

3) My favorite non-alcoholic drink:   Diet Pepsi

4) Facebook or Twitter:   Facebook. I don't get Twitter. lol

5) Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  Both!

6) Favorite day of the week:   Any day where I can sleep in. lol 

7) My favorite flower:   Not a clue, really. Is that bad? I'd say roses but that's "so cliche". 

8) My passion:  Jane Austen. Oh, wait, maybe that's obsession I'm thinking about. I get so confused sometimes. . .  lol

Now to pass this along…these 3 other bloggers I enjoy:

My dear friend Miss H - I have been a loyal follower of hers for a long time now, and will always be.

One Odd Duck - Inevitably I wind up laughing when reading her stuff. Sometimes uncontrollably.

According to Jewels - The girl is pretty amazing, I mean, she did do the Polar Bear Plunge, after all, among many other things!


  1. Just popped in to say hi! I'm 2 up from you in AtoZ challenge. Here's to a fun one! This is a good post to get to know you a little more before we embark on a mad month together.

  2. Congrats on the award from another purple lover.
    And there is nothing wrong with loving roses. They are a superb flower

  3. YAY! Thank you! I am going to make this a video and answer in a vlog. :D I'm a tad addicted to them now. I will let anyone take it from there but will link to you in the description box on YouTube. Thanks again, J!

    1. You are so very welcome my dear! And I love your Vlogs, so it's totally okay that you're addicted. lol

  4. That's such a lovely award and I love that you passed it on to Miss H because she deserves it!

  5. Sweetness! Thanks, Doll! I haven't been awarded or tagged in forever! Consider yourself hugged hard!

    1. You are so very welcome! And thanks for the hugs!

  6. Aww thank you so much! What you said means a lot to me :)


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