Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

First of all, a Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Dad's out there. Hope you enjoyed your weekend with your families.

Father's Day for my family is kind of bitter-sweet.  The date of Father's Day this year happened to be the date we buried my Granddad (my Dad's Dad) two years ago. It will always fall around Father's Day, and the last couple years we've kept them pretty low-key.

And being that my parents usually host some sort of Father's Day event, usually a BBQ of some kind, I figured my parents were due a break. Since Boyfriend bought himself a boat with some mad money he had a couple months ago, I thought it would be a good idea for us to take my parents out on one of the two big lakes near us, Shasta Lake. We had taken his Mom out with us for Mother's Day and she enjoyed herself. My parents hadn't been out on the lake in about 20 years. The friends they had known with boats had drifted away and they had never owned a boat themselves.

They agreed to go out on the lake, and Boyfriend and I both had Saturday off, so we went out on Saturday. Boyfriend wound up doing boat prep by himself as I wound up with an impromptu girls night out, which he told me to take. My parents bought deli sandwiches, potato salad, cole slaw, chips and salsa for lunch (and dinner lol), and away we went.

The boat launch we went to turned out to be closed, even though the website said it was open. But it was closed because the lake is so damn low, there was next to no water in that arm of the lake. So we went to find another boat launch that was (fortunately and for the time being) open.

Boyfriend got us out on the water and we cruised around the Shasta Lake, going to parts none of us had ever been to. We stopped periodically and jumped in the lake. Boyfriend's answer to my parents question each time of "how's the water?" was always "it's fine." Well, the first time, that was true for Boyfriend and myself and I think Dad may have lied a little to her because when Mom first jumped in, she called us all assholes when she came back up for air.

Overall it was a great day to be out on the lake, everyone enjoyed the lazy day on the lake.

Me & Dad

Mt. Shasta from Shasta Lake

Me & Boyfriend (usually he smiles lol)


  1. Sounds like a good time. How's that sunburn?

    1. I didn't really get burned. Boyfriend on the other hand got a bit red. lol

  2. The lake is terribly low this summer.

    Looks like you all had fun. We did absolutely nothing!!!! :-)

    1. It is and so early, too. Boat launches closed already due to lack of water at those ramps . . . that's concerning.

  3. Nothing like a day on the lake! That is the one thing I miss doing. Won't do it out here on the 'big lake' [Lake Michigan], though. I like West Grand Traverse Bay MUCH better - and it's cleaner than down here by Chicago, lol! Glad you all had a great time :-D

    1. I would imagine almost anywhere would be cleaner than around Chicago! lol


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