Friday, June 28, 2013

Mundane Midweek

I'm linking up with Charlotte again this week for the Mundane Midweek Linkup.

My week at work was spent largely in the "dish room", putting clean dishes away only to pull them back off the shelf two days later to fill dish orders for the coming weekend. Fortunately for me, most of this weekends dish orders were not as massive as last weekends (175 of everything). But between all the dish orders, a lot of dishes still went out.

Today (Friday) I spent two hours taking an SOS pad to rusty knives. The owner had to pack the silverware so tight when the dishes were returned on Monday that many knives came out with a lot of rust stains. So there I sat for two hours at a little table in the corner where I could still easily greet and help customers should they come in. Which, of course, they did. And I had to keep a small fan blowing on me because it was 110*(F) here (for you Celsius folks that means it was really effing hot) and it felt like it was 80* or so inside the building and a little muggy. UGH.

This morning I had a phone appointment with a company I had applied to earlier this week - selling pet food on weekends at local pet stores. The title being "Pet Nutritional Consultant", and having worked in pet retail and veterinary offices, I'm a shoe-in. We had an appointment for the gal to call me at 11am as I had told her in an email that I had to be at work that afternoon. 11am came and went until noon showed up. I finally left the house for work and she called a couple hours later. She told Granny she'd call me back at 7pm tonight. She did call at 7pm and apologized profusely, saying she'd been out in the field and had forgot to bring my phone number. She then told me that they had just hired someone for the Redding area, but that 30% of potential hires fall through because they don't have the correct amount of auto insurance (or aren't insured at all) or fail the background or DMV check. I agreed to go ahead with the interview in case something happened. We spoke for close to half an hour and she loved my answers to everything, especially to her question, "Give me an example of how you've dealt with a customer who complained about the cost of something." Oh. Do I have stories. The only stumbling block for me would be, if I were to be hired, I would have to purchase a tablet. Evidently laptops and Kindles are a no, but an iPad or Tablet is okay. The company would reimburse up to so much of the cost of the tablet, but I honestly told her that I have other bills that have to be paid and that a tablet is not something I would normally purchase because I have a smart phone and a laptop, however if I was offered this position I would see what I could do about purchasing one. (I'd rather not, though). In the end she was ready to hire me, and said she would keep in contact about the situation via email.

Also got an email this week from a pet food company who had a similar position as the company above, so hopefully will have a phone interview with that person, too. Which reminds me, must do research on that pet food company because I don't know all that much about them.

Neither of these positions are full time - they are part-time, Friday through Sunday, and do a 4 hour demo at a time for the brand(s) you're hired to market to retail customers. Basically you wander the store for 4 hours, stalking customers and asking them what brand of food they feed their pets, and see if you can't get them interesting trying Brand A versus whatever their buying. But you still get paid over $10/hr for a pretty easy job. And I could use the part-time work AND the extra few bucks it would shoot my way.

Keep your fingers crossed one of these work out for me, because I'm totally qualified and I could use some extra work and money. (Well, really, who couldn't these days??)


  1. More like overqualified, but work is work. I sure hope and pray something breaks your way.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get one of these jobs. They actually sound pretty interesting

  3. I hope you get these jobs - sounds a lot better than most of the jobs here in Redding. And part time, seems to be all that is available.


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