Sunday, September 1, 2013

Aaaaaannnnnddddd Drum Roll Please

After ten horrifying months, it's over. Just like that. The stress that I have felt in my shoulders is suddenly lessened a little. The anxiety that has built up in that time frame is gone. I no longer feel the need to cry all the time out of frustration, anger, resentment, and hatred.

Because, folks, after ten excruciating months, I have a found myself a full-time job!!!

It's all been quite the blur this week. Now, of course, this new job is pending on a background check and all that jazz, so as long as they don't find out about that "thing", I should be okay. (just kidding. there is no "thing". really. no really. I'm not that exciting.) 

I applied for a job on Monday. It's with an auto dealer in town, in their accounting department. I kinda figured I wouldn't get it simply because Math and I are mortal enemies since birth and have yet to find common ground. Unless that common ground is 2+2=4, because that's all I've got. Anywho, I applied, thinking they won't call because they totally didn't call me when I applied for a reception/office person a few months ago. But hell, I'm glutton for punishment, so I thought I'd apply for no reason. Again.

Wednesday, I get home around 5:30pm from work and Mom tells me I have a message on the machine. I discovered that it was a gal from this auto dealer who wanted to schedule me for an interview. What the . . . ?! Thursday morning, I was up a little before 8am and called the gal a few minutes after (didn't want to seem too eager). She asked me when I as available for an interview and I said, "I'm off work today and tomorrow afternoon." She scheduled me for 1pm that day (Thursday) and sent me a link to complete an assessment test (grrrr).

I immediately got started on the assessment test, which only frustrated me to the point of nearly killing my parents computer. Boyfriend kept asking (through a closed door), "are you okay in there?" Evidently all the cursing and shouting I was doing made him think there was something wrong. Hmm. After completing the most aggravating test on the planet, I got ready for my interview. Boyfriend and I decided to go to the dollar movies after my interview, which I believed would only last about a half hour. So he drove me to the interview and was going to just hang out in town until I texted him.

Boy was I wrong. I wound up in my interview for an hour and a half. The gal and I kept getting off track, and having to trace our steps back to the questions. So, obviously, I would say that I dazzled her with my charming personality. Poor Boyfriend.

After the longest interview ever, Boyfriend and I went and saw The Heat. And we enjoyed it.

Once we got home, Mom told me I had another message on the machine. I figured it was either a rejection or maybe someone from some other place I had recently applied to.

It was neither.

It was a job offer.

A freaking job OFFER!!!!!

While listening to the message, my jaw dropped and I lost all feeling in my body. Boyfriend picked me up and hugged me and Mom (after doing a happy dance in her recliner) came into the kitchen to give me a big ol' Mama Bear hug. Where I promptly started crying. Tears of joy. All the while Boyfriend was saying, "I knew it. I knew it. I knew it by the way they called you for an interview so quickly after you applied. And by how long your interview was today. I knew it."

I have never had that - a job interview and a job offer in the same day. Not even 4 hours apart.

Holy freaking cow, Batman!

I went in Friday after work to accept the job offer and go over the dress code (business casual which means I have to go shopping. and I'm still broke.), my start date (Sept. 16th), and that I should be hearing from X Personnel person regarding my orientation on my first day, and for me to input my addresses for the past 7 years for the background check. FYI, I move to fucking much. I can't remember all those addresses and apartment numbers. Picturing the apartments I lived in won't help in regards to the background check.

When Boyfriend got home that night, he started talking about apartments that he looked at.

My first paycheck is a month away.

Shit just got real.


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