Thursday, September 26, 2013

People Amaze Me (And Not Necessarily In A Good Way)

People sometimes just plain amaze me. No. Really, they do. I've worked in customer service for most of my working career and dealing with the people can be quite interesting. Or aggravating. It depends on the situation.

Last weekend I was doing my weekend Pet Nutritional Consultant gig. Saturday was actually quite busy even though we had a massive rain storm move through. Seriously,  it was like monsoon season that day. No one was really expecting the torrential downpours that kept happening all day long. But people kept coming as there is a local rescue group that does pet adoptions in the store I go to as well as the Humane Society. I talked to several people regarding pet food, helped lots of people find products they were looking for and answered lots of questions having nothing to do with pet food. Thank God I worked in pet retail and veterinary offices off and on for years. Comes in handy. I gave away coupons to a few new customers and also a few repeat offenders to keep my customer base happy. The happiest ones are the ones who receive the $10 off the large bags. Lot of "thank you's" happen over that one.

Sunday was its usual slow day; I only spoke to a few people and most of them had no intention getting pet food in any capacity. I gave away maybe three coupons and one of those was a cheat - it was Mom who came into buy cat food for me with a $10 off coupon. Bad, I know. But I figure I only buy cat food about every 6 months as I buy the 16lb bag and keep it in an airtight container for my one cat. Much cheaper that way. So, really, one coupon that I hadn't given out yet that day.

And the reason why I hadn't given one out that day is because I actually encountered people who brushed me off when I offered them a coupon.

I will let that sink for a moment.

People actually brushed me off when I approached them with coupons. Seriously. How sad is that?! People acted like I was bothering them, offering them a few bucks off their pet food. It. Was. Amazing. I felt like a schmuck for offering them coupons. One couple that accepted a coupon had absolutely no enthusiasm for getting $10 off their large bag of food. None. Whatsoever. Blew me away. 

I'm pretty sure I didn't look menacing or rude or anything. And I don't think my tone was bad.

"Hi there, would you like a $10 off coupon for the bag of food in your cart?" or "Hi, how about a coupon for $2 off the small bag of food for your cat?" or "I have a coupon for buy one get one free on those cans you have there."

I would have hugged someone who gave me $10 off a $45 dollar bag of food. And these people acted like I was a thorn in their side. Sheesh.

I am now in my second week at my new full-time job - which I am still getting used to this idea that I spend an actual 40 hours a week at. In the office there is a total of 5 of us gals - the Office Manager, and three other gals. Each of us has our own duties, but over time cross training allows others to be able to assist if and when they can. Right now I'm just learning the basics and I feel like a dunce. But that's what comes with a new job in an industry that I've never worked in. Also, what's nice is that I'm no longer the only newbie; T started on Monday. It's nice to not be alone.

Anyway, one of the gals, B, sits at a desk that is directly behind mine (which I despise having someone sit directly behind me). T sits to the left and behind me and L sits to the left of T. The OM has her own office (lucky her). OM and L have been very nice with my pestering them with questions and trying to remember "journals" and "schedules" and account numbers and rules and how to do things. It's a lot to take in. 

I have yet to ask B any questions. Not because I don't think she can answer any of them, but because I don't know what to make of her yet. She has yet to say a single word to me. Not a single one. She talks to OM and L, but not much if anything to T (at least not yet). I'm pretty sure it's a personality thing, so I'm not taking it personally. 

The other day some papers fell off B's desk - meaning they fell right behind my chair. I spun around and picked them up for her and put them back on her desk. Not even a thank you. She didn't even look at me. Seriously. Later, she sneezed and I said, "Bless you" and nothing. (Although, L and T also said "bless you" and she didn't say anything to them either). No thank you, excuse me, nothing. I was slightly offended by the lack of words coming out of her mouth for those, especially with the paper pick up. But I'm letting it roll off my shoulder.

She doesn't visit with anyone a lot, but still asks L how her weekend was. And maybe the OM. But not myself or T. Like I said, I'm pretty sure it's a personality thing.

The good thing is that last Friday as I was getting ready to leave, OM told me that I was doing well, asking good questions and she appreciated me keeping myself busy and helping L with "busy work" (like filing, faxing, etc.). Hopefully she'll still feel that way by the end of this week. ;)

And starting Friday, I will be doing dealer trades by myself (had a bit of a panic moment). L has been teaching me, but there are  a lot of steps and it's easy to mess up. I've only done a few with L looking over my shoulder, but starting Friday she'll be out of town til next week. I can ask my OM for assistance. Can't ask B as she's never done the dealer trades. Hopefully I don't royally fuck up any dealer trades and I am hoping that the sales guys don't do a lot of them over the weekend. But I've been doing the deposit all on my own this week and haven't completely screwed that up (yet). Learning the dealer trades and learning how to work on clearing my cash sales "schedule" (reconcile anything outstanding). 

Wish me luck.


  1. Maybe it was the hanging bugger that put them off... Made ya look!

    1. LOL I knew it had to be something. Next time I'll check in the mirror first.


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