Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy Life Update

A week after the Clover Fire, it was finally contained. In its wake it destroyed 8,000 acres, 68 homes, and about a 120 structures, and took the life of one man who stayed to protect his home. As quickly as it moved in those first few hours, it could have been a lot worse. Now it's time to rebuild.

Last week I played phone tag with the HR gal for my new job regarding my drug test. Two weeks ago I went to a walk-in clinic of their choice to pee in a cup for a required pre-employment drug screen. Last week the HR gal called and asked if I went as she hadn't received any results. I told her I had (even had the receipt to prove it). She called the clinic to inquire about it and it turns out UPS, who picks up shipments from that clinic, lost part of the shipment they picked up. Just so happens that my cup was in that lost shipment. A couple days later, they found it, tested and it discovered I was marijuana free. (Geeeee, what a surprise).

Today (Monday), I showed up for my first day of my new job. I spent nearly two hours doing my orientation online. It consisted of reading all the required paperwork, just online, watching a few videos, and filling other paperwork out like my direct deposit (very important as I want my money). Then I spent the rest of the day in with my boss and she did a lot of talking and a bit of showing me what they do.

By the afternoon, my head was reeling from all the information being thrown at me and actually started hurting a little. Around 4pm, I felt my eyes start to glaze over a little. Hopefully tomorrow I will actually get to do a little more, but I can't do too much until I get computer access. But it looks like I will keep busy when I actually know what I'm doing. Plus I have my own desk (and I can't wait until our office gets remodeled because then we girls will all get new desks. They bought "temporary" (aka cheap) desks and they are tiny and slightly uncomfortable in the leg area) that I can make my own.

While on my lunch, Boyfriend and I were texting and he said a saw a little house on Craigslist for rent and he wanted to go take a peek at it. We met up afternoon and drove over to it. It's probably about 10 miles from my parents house in an older, but cute, neighborhood. It's a one bedroom house, about 1000 sq ft., has a nice little fenced yard and the rent isn't too bad.

I know my blogging hasn't been overly regular lately. Partly due to lack of something to write about, partly due to slight lack of blogging mojo, and partly due to the fact that there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in each day. And life isn't about to get any easier. I have my new full-time job, the weekend job as a Pet Nutritional Consultant, and I will be writing quite a bit more for my grandparent's publication. Papa D isn't doing very well these days, and in fact, has been "day to day" for over a week now. It's been really hard on all of us (it's my Mom's Dad). K isn't partial to the writing part of the magazine, she puts it together on the computer, but Papa D has always done the writing. When I emailed her my column a week ago, I told her that I would do event write-ups and could also write other stories to help fill space to help her out as she's trying to not only do the magazine, but taking care of Papa D. We're not sure how long K will keep the magazine going - they recently sold all their cattle and will be leasing the ranch out to another ranching couple.

Life is going to be crazy for awhile. Think it'll keep me out of trouble?

I didn't think so, either. But it's worth a shot.

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