Monday, August 30, 2010

Broke. Hungry. Two things that should never go together.

It's occurred to me recently (as in the last 24 hours) just how broke I am. In my last post I wrote about my work and how I used to be able to rack up the OT without really getting yelled at. I mean, really, who doesn't just love 16 hour work days?

Over this past weekend, I basically did nothing. I went to my volunteer gig on Saturday (it's actually voluntary folks, it's not for to pay a speeding ticket or anything), and went to work Saturday night. But on Sunday, I stayed in my apartment, the only thing costing me money was running my air conditioner. I started watching X-Files online at Netflix (from the beginning might I add, because I don't think I ever saw the first two or three seasons; and David Duchovny is still hot), cleaned the apartment, read my book, and in general, did nothing of any importance. Of course, while doing nothing, it's amazing how one can work up an appetite. And not having any money forces you to make shit up as you go along. I have enough money to buy very little, bare minimum basics if you will. That will be done today . . . at some point. The next paycheck, I'm going all out when it comes to grocery shopping, because I'm pretty sure I'll still be starving. They say never go grocery shopping when your hungry . . . but what if you don't have much choice?

Saturday night I ate a $2 meal from Taco Bell, not bad, actually fills you up. Amazingly enough. Sunday morning after work, I needed gas for my SUV . . . I got said gas. Got home and realized I have rent to pay and can't afford anything else. Probably should have waited on the gas, but that last half goes a hell of a lot faster than that first half. Unfair, party of one. So on Sunday, I literally stayed home. And it hit me. Hunger. I had finished off my last three cinnamon roles after work Sunday morning, because I was, like, you know, hungry. So I lasted all day, not really hungry until about 5pm. Then all of a sudden, my tummy was very upset. It wanted food. I looked around the kitchen. These were my thoughts:

"Corn dogs could work. But I have no chips or soda to go with them. Last resort."

"I'm tired of cheese sandwiches, I had them for lunch at work last week."

"Chicken fingers. When did I get chicken fingers? In other words, I must ask myself, how long have those been in the freezer???" Also, "I have no ranch dressing to eat them with."

"Pasta Roni! Yum! Oh, wait, I have no milk. Never mind."

"I could eat my last two eggs, some bacon . . . wait, I've been eating that after work all week. I'm tired of breakfast."

"I have frozen meat! I can have burritos or tacos! Yeah! Shit, no sour cream. What the hell is a burrito with no sour cream??? Nasty, that's what. Moving on."

Standing with the fridge door wide open, I finally think, "Cheese quesadilla. Fine. Hmm. I have some sourdough still left unfrozen, I could have garlic bread. Cheese quesadilla and some garlic bread. Sounds just gross enough to be filling."

So my "dinner" consisted of a cheese quesadilla and some garlic sourdough bread from the toaster. My last thought while in the kitchen preparing my interesting dinner was this:

(with evil grin) "I should call mom and ask her how to thaw half a loaf of sourdough bread, just for kicks." More on that later, a different post. Promise. ;o)

And now for breakfast, I shall probably either have the last two eggs with some bacon, or another cheese quesadilla and garlic bread. Or hell, maybe I will have a corn dog.

Hey, anyone know how to play the lottery without actually playing? Because it costs money to play? Such a ripoff.

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