Monday, August 23, 2010

Oldies but Goodies? Or Oldies and Badies?

Over the weekend, I looked through Netflix to find a TV show that I could watch "instantly" online. I like to have a show or something that I can watch while waiting for movies in the mail, to pass the time. I've come across some good shows, shows that I have no time in reality to watch. Reason being is that I work graveyard, and thus I am either sleeping or having to get ready for work while normal TV is on. Why don't I use a DVR, you ask? I don't have one. I also don't have cable. (Stop looking at me like that!) My reason for canceling cable was that I was paying $70 a month for crap. Literally. I watched reruns of shows I'd already seen a hundred times, some I even own on DVD. Yeah. Sad. I agree. Anyway, I've really come to love and rely on my Netflix account in the last year. And the $20 a month is waaaay better than $70 a month. I'm just sayin'.

As I was saying, I've come across good shows that I remember hearing about, but never had the time to watch. Pushing Daisies was a cute, funny, quirky show that I seriously enjoyed and was completely crushed to find out it was canceled after only two seasons. I'm now trying Dead Like Me, which is pretty good. I've gotten caught up on Bones - a show I can barely live without. I saw Veronica Mars all in order instead of a random show in reruns now and then. The other day, while searching for a new show to watch instantly, and trying to decide amongst the hundreds that are available (seriously, everything from Colombo to Lost and all in between), I literally gasped when I saw an oldie from my childhood.

Have you ever come across a show that you watched when you, like, 13/14 years old, and you wanted to watch it for old time's sake? I did that. And I realized how cheesy it all was! LOL It's like me watching a movie that my parents saw as kids that was terrifying to them, like the original War of the Worlds. My mom tells me that it was a very scary movie. For them. I laughed because when I saw it, I was like "Oh my God, how on earth could anyone think this is scary????" (I also basically thought that about the remake with Tom Cruise). I mean, the special effects were basically non-existent. Anyway, the show I was gasping over was called SeaQuest DSV (DSV stands for Deep Submergence Vehicle, in case you weren't in love with Jonathan Brandis and never saw the show). And I watched it because, well, I was in love with Jonathan Brandis, who played a whiz-kid who gets a ride on a huge submarine called SeaQuest, while it's out on peace-keeping missions in the world's oceans. Why may you ask? It's set in the "very near future" (so, I have no idea when they actually set it for, because they never gave specifics), and people are now colonizing the world's oceans. And of course, there are pirates. In submarines. And no, in the future, they don't say "Arrgh". So, for nostalgia, I watched the pilot, which was apparently an hour and a half long. I soooooo don't remember that. By the end of the show, I was like, "wow, that was cheesy." It was made in 1993. And it was cheesy. I mean, they had a talking dolphin named Darwin. Anything on a computer screen made less sense that the stuff you see in Star Trek. And all their whosits and whatchamacallits where enormous. (Just a side note, whosits comes up for spell check issues and whatchamacallits doesn't. LOL WOW I had no idea it was a real word. I learn something new every day!) And on Saturday, I learned how cheesy SeaQuest was. Anyway, Jonathan Brandis was still completely adorable, obviously, but the rest of the show . . . not sure what I saw in it. But then again, it was 1993. I was only 13, I had no idea that the show was horrible! LOL

Just goes to show, hindsight is always 20/20. Although I did get a huge kick out of the fact that Jonathan Brandis, in the pilot, wore a Florida Marlins jersey - from the 2010 World Series. Obviously it wasn't set that far into the future. LOL


  1. I love Pushing Daisies. I love Veronica Mars more. I can't believe they're now gone. Sob.

  2. You know your crush from SeaQuest is no longer with us.... :(


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