Monday, August 16, 2010

Medicating the cat

After hearing from a technician just how difficult your cat is to medicate, one expects the worst. Especially when the tech tells you how to she wrap the cat burrito style, and have two assistants to make sure the cat doesn't attack anyone tiger-style.

So, when I medicate her myself, and I still have all my fingers, and there have been no attempts at my jugular, I start to wonder: how daring are those techs?? Obviously not very. I mean, don't get me wrong, Harriet still gives the laser death ray stares and meows and growls a little. And what makes the medicating easier is that it's liquid. Of course, she foams a little at the mouth afterwards. And no, I don't wrap my cat up like a burrito. In fact, no towels are involved. Except for the paper towel I use to wipe the foam from Harriet's mouth. It does, however, involve me on all fours trapping the cat between my knees. But no burrito-wrapping. And I don't have to call in the National Guard for assistance.

Me thinks those techs need some dare-devil pills.

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