Monday, March 21, 2011

Drinks & Dilemmas

I'm sitting here drinking a margarita thanks to K. It's pretty darn good. 

I also have a dilemma.

I have a margarita and a dilemma. And no the margarita won't help the dilemma. And no, it's not the dilemma, either.

My dilemma is my computer. I've had my laptop for about 3.5 years. It's outlasted it's previous version by about 8 months. With that one, the hard drive took a nose dive out of nowhere. With this one, it's the battery. Every time I turn it on, or take it out of standby, I get a nice little notice from Dell in the corner that says, "Your battery is able to charge normally, but it's nearing the end of it's useful life." I wish it would give me a date of it's demise. That would be helpful.

So, I went to Dell's website to price a battery. Holy Shit! They're expensive. I was really naive apparently in thinking how cheap they might be. Nope, that little sonofabitch is $150.

See my reactions below.

So, while I was recovering from the battery sticker shock, I checked out laptops. For another $150, I can get a new computer. Sad.
I could spend the $150 on the new battery, and a week later, my hard drive could go up in smoke, and I'm out the the money for a new computer and the new battery. Or it could last another year. Or can I spend the extra $150 to get a new, faster computer. As much as I love my computer and as much as I hate spending that kind of money (which is getting a bit scarce, although I still have money in savings), at least the new one would have a warranty. I've been noticing a severe slow-up on my poor computer, I'm thinking the processor isn't able to keep up with the demands of the internet and keeping several operations running. Also, certain keys are starting to stick and I practically have to break out the sledge hammer to get them to work. And no, it's not "backspace" or "delete", which I would have figured would have been the first to go.

I had wanted to wait and save for a Mac, as I hear nothing but good things about the machine. However, I do understand that some of the software can get quite pricey. As if the damn computer by itself wasn't so pricey. Sheesh.

I'm happy with a PC, it's all I've really ever known. However, Vista came on my current laptop and after a month I begged someone to wipe that shit off my computer and put XP back on. Vista was the most annoying program. EVER. So, if anyone has a newer computer that has Windows 7 on it, I'm curious what you think of it. I'm just curious.

Otherwise, my dilemma (that is not being hindered or helped by the margarita I'm sipping) is what am I to do about my computer. I don't necessarily like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. 


  1. shit. My Dell has been saying I may need a new battery soon...I am not spending that kind of $ on a battery for a 3 yr old computer, either. Let me know if you get a new one which one you end up with and if it works for you. I'm going to hold out hope that this one stays alive for a while yet. :) And...YAY for margaritas!!

  2. If there's one thing I can recommend, it's an external hard drive. Back up your important stuff (documents, pictures, etc.) to it regularly! I know this from experience. Okay, a couple of experiences. :-(

  3. I've got XP on my work machine and Windows 7 on the home laptop and PC. Windows 7 is a doddle to use and most of the glitches seem to have been sorted outnow. I prefer it to Vista and XP.

    MACs are aliens as far as I can work out. My boss uses one and it causes nothing but hassle for me as none of the programmes are compatible.

    I'd shell out for the new machine given that you've got other problems alongside the battery being on it's last legs. Echo the recommendation for an external hard drive too, I have a 1TB one that didn't cost the earth.

  4. Windows 7 on my laptop and I dont mind it. Last one I used regularly was XP so it was an easy shift. Definately backup to an external harddrive. If not the harddrive, you could lose a mother board and you are just as stuffed
    I would go the new PC

  5. That’s bullshit. I’m confident a laptop battery is a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment to build. Sounds like they’re taking a page from printer manufacturers and robbing customer’s blind. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also intentionally shortened the lifespan of their batteries like the printer manufactures do with their ink cartridges.

  6. Jewels - I will keep you posted. :o)

    Soapbox - My documents are on a thumb drive, and my pictures I back up on CD. I learned that the hard way too when my last hard drive crashed. Lost a lot of pics. :o(

    Amanda - Glad to know that Windows 7 isn't as horrific as Vista.

    Mynx - I'm seeing a theme here, called "external hard drive". lol Must ask for one for Christmas then.

    Drake - I agree with your bullshit sentiment. I was figuring $20/$30 for a new batter, not $150. I find that to be outrageous. Either way, they rob us blind.

  7. Windows 7 hasn't caused me any problems whatsoever.

    I have a netbook (thinks that's what they are called--it has Windows 7 starter; my other laptop has Vista, which hasn't bothered me, but the battery in the computer doesn't work--hasn't from day one. It's like the worlds smallest desk top).

    I would go with a new computer. The battery prices are absolutely ridiculous. And when I was contemplating the same a while back for the Vista computer, I read a lot of feedback that said the new battery may not live as long as the first one. I don't know why. I'm really not well-versed in tech-talk.

    I saw what you did--for about $150 more, I could get another computer, so that's why I did. I just think an investment of $150 for a battery is ludicrous.


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