Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank YOU, Mother Nature.


For drying out some of the mud on the ranch.

For blowing so hard that you made my walk to work that much easier.

For blowing so hard that in order to feed the spring cows, we had to haul whole bales of hay off the truck and remove twine before the cows ate it.

For blowing so hard that I ate half the hay I fed to the damn cows.

For making my eyes water so much that I felt like I was crying over P.S. I  Love You all over again.

For blowing the remaining hay into my eyes, making them hurt as well as water.

For blowing so hard that you blew my hair over my head band to whip the shit out of my eye balls.

For making gate opening/closing that much more fun. I love chasing gates.

For making me have to wash the hay out of my hair, pluck the hay from my eye balls, and floss the hay out of my teeth.

I honestly had no idea what I would do with my time, Mother Nature, had you not bestowed upon us the 60mph winds. I am forever in your debt, you bitch.

Hugs and Kisses (and a bitch slap . . . except the wind is preventing me from being able to use enough force).


  1. "I am forever in your debt, you bitch." LMAO Your luck with Mother Nature is about like mine. That bitch has always had it in for me. I bet that hay was yummy.

  2. We have the rain now... it's a sloppy, snowy, soupy, cold mess outside.

  3. Krissy - Oh, its rather tasty, just has a bit too much fiber for my liking. Plus it IS for the cows, so I guess I should let them have it. LOL

    Jenner - Oh, the rain decided to show up like 15 minutes after I posted this! LOL Perfect timing!

  4. hahaha. Oh no! I have to say real quick that I love the new look of the blog and the pictures up top!!! Look at you go! I hate the wind--but mostly because it ruins my gorgeous locks...haha.
    Good luck bitch slapping mother nature-she's pissing rain down on me right now so we aren't friends here in PA either.

  5. Well, better hay in the face than shit in the mouth.

  6. Belle - I'm kind of surprised we didn't lose power!

    Jewels - Thanks! Yeah, bitch slapping Mother Nature isn't easy. lol

    Soapbox - LOL So true!!


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