Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing the Office Cats

I would like to take the opportunity today to introduce the "office cats" at my grandparents place.

All pretty self explanatory, I say. Fritzilla is the biggest nuisance assistant, loves to help you type by walking over the keyboards.

Kind of a lazy post today . . . . I spent more time working on the pictures than actually typing anything. Oh well. That cats are cute, right?


  1. That office would offically make me sneeze non-stop. Love cats but they want to kill me. Not nice, cats, not nice! Oh well. They are adorable.

  2. Ohhhh.....Kitties! :-D (implodes from the cuteness)

  3. Does Fluff do the dusting, too? ;-)

  4. Jewels - well, these three won't make you sneeze since they're 3000 miles away. lol

    Chocolateangel - hahahahaha!! So sorry to hear that you imploded!

    Soapbox - lol I know right?! She leaves too much fur behind to be an effective duster. lol

  5. I need an office cat! So cute.

  6. My son's cat will often get his attention by lying on the keyboard of his laptop. And she often supervises me when i am paying bills and blogging.

  7. Goldie looks like a corporate fatcat.

  8. Amanda - We have three . . . take your pick! lol

    Mynx - My mom had a cat kinda like that. Would lay in front of the monitor.

    Drake - Put a suit on her and it's official. :o)

  9. I think Fluff and I would get along famously. LOL

    They are all adorable!


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