Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When Life Gets Rough . . . Have A Cookie.

Or a dozen cookies. Whatever you prefer, really. As long as it's not liquor. In the last two days, liquor has never looked so disgusting to me. That coming from a girl who still has Smirnoff Ice in her fridge from probably a freaking year ago. Also coming from a girl who attended one of the nation's big party schools (well, it was number one ages ago), Chico State. I'll go into more another time, but suffice it to say I've had a drunk helper two mornings in a row while feeding cows. And no, it wasn't my grandparents.

But now, my peeps, I need your help. If you've visited my blog recently, you may have seen the little button to the left for the "Blogging from A-Z Challenge". If  you'd like more info on it, just click on the button - but there's like over 500 blogs participating. Anyway, it's a challenge to blog every day but Sundays in April, one day for each letter of the alphabet. I have ideas for most of the letters, but there are letters that I'm having a tougher time coming up with ideas. So, your ideas and input would be greatly appreciated.

I'm having issues with: E, J, U, Y, Z.

But I'll take ideas for all the other letters, too. But if you have ideas for those listed, that would be freaking awesome.

So, now I'm going to "eat" my aggravation away in the form of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Because there's not much better than a chocolate chip cookie.


  1. I knew Z would pop up. Everyone's probably in the same boat with that one!

  2. So you need a topic for each one?

    E - ecstacy

    J - joy

    U - uninspired

    Y - YES

    Z - zebras and/or ??? I'll have to get back to you on this one.

  3. Just a few ideas.

    J - Something you did in June or are going to do in June.

    Y - Yellow, Yesterday, Yelling.

    Z- Zanzibar, Zoo trip, Zero

    U- Unusual, Unsafe - all the un- words.

    E- Easter

    I think I'll join up!.

  4. Z-zealous, zest, zippers,

    E-Enthusiasm, Engage, Enjoy, Excited, Enamored, Engrossed

    Y-yell, Yelp, Yesterday, Yemen (for all I know you could have a story about Yemen!!), Yogurt, Yield

    U-Upside down, Upward, Untied, Unity, University, Unique,

    J-Jewels, duh! Blog about me! Jealousy, Jump, Jiggle, Jest, Jubilee, Justice, Justify, Juggle (everyone does this-multi tasking and all). But seriously-just blog about me! ;-)

  5. Drake - You sorta forgot to leave a suggestion. lol

    Rita - Thanks for the suggestions!

    Belle - Should be interesting. Hope I can make it the whole month! Thanks for the ideas.

    Jewels - lol You crack me up! Hell, you just do some guest post or something! lol And you had tons of suggestions! :o)

  6. Email me (email is in my "about me" section) and I'll totally guest for you J week if you want. Glad I made you giggle! :-) I'm nothing if not helpful with ideas for OTHER people to write about-me not so much!

  7. I didn't forget, I was just being unhelpful. :)

  8. E-Eternity, everlasting, evolution

    J-Jungle, January, Jaded

    U-Under, Umbrella, Underneath

    Y-Yacht, Yogi-Bear, Yankee

    Z-Zone, Zoom

    :) That was kinda fun!


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