Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cup of Random

I figured since this was going to be kind of a random post, that I might just use the logo that Jess over at Ramblings of an Emotional Idiot uses.

I apparently sold my first ad today for the publication that my grandparents put out. It was kind of by default; we walked into the business and my grandfather starts in on his speel that he has, and mentions that he made up an ad idea for them to take a look at. We had gone into this business a week or so ago, and the gal we spoke to was a little on the cold side with us. The people we spoke to today were much nicer. A few minutes into the conversation, my grandfather starts chatting with the husband, and the wife comes to me with their business card and tells me that the logo on the card is what they'd like to use in the ad. Guess that was a "yes".

I was giving her contact info to email or fax over a bigger logo, and pulled out a contract form, and mentioned that I was still new and was learning the ropes of the publication. My grandfather turned around on his stool to see that a contract form was ready for him to fill out.

And there I "sold" an ad.

I mentioned in a post a few days back about possibly re-starting the "psycho" posts at some point. Many of you were fans of my Psycho Suzi posts, so I thought maybe I might entertain you with stories of the crazy co-worker I had to deal with for six years. I just need to figure out what day to write the posts. Suggestions?

I get a couple days off in a couple weeks, to run off to Redding to visit friends and family. It'll be nice to see them again. And hopefully the weather will cooperate so that I don't have bad weather over all the passes I have to climb to get there.

My cat has been acting completely normal since her odd two days at the end of the week. It's possible I have a Jedi cat that felt the disturbance in the force from the Japan earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that hit the CA coastline. It's also possible she just had an off day. I'm just glad I've been awakening in the mornings to find her still sleeping next to me and not hiding between the dryer and the wall or in a bathroom behind a toilet.

My parents have asked me to put my grandparents that live in Redding (both sets)  on the mailing list for the publication that my other grandparents put out. (I can see where this could get very confusing . . . ) as my grandparents have asked me to write a column each month. My mom refuses to part with the future issues, and all my grandparents will want to laugh at my expense. I'm not sure if I had mentioned the column thing on my blog . . . well, I have now. Basically it's titled "City Girl Gone Country", and it will be my musings and tales about my new life as a "rancheress". My first column will, of course, include my little shitscapade - without the cussing. I will probably post my column on here, once the publication has been distributed every month. Although, I blog enough about my new life here in Sticksville to you guys!


  1. Congrats ons selling your first ad!

  2. Congrats on the ad and I love the title for your column. Can't wait to read it! :)

  3. My new word for the day - rancheress. Almost beaten out by shitcapade though.

  4. Belle - Thanks! :o)

    Jewels - Thanks! Well, my first column will be a compilation of previous stories y'all have heard. But future ones I will try to have them be fresh. At least for my peeps. :o)

    Drake - LOL My cousin made up that word. I have to give credit where it's due. And shitscapade can be tomorrow's word! lol

  5. YAY YOU! Fantastic!! Even if it was by default!!

    And I LOVE the new look! I've been so far behing on reading and commenting that I haven't been by for some time. Great to be able to spend some time catching up!


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