Thursday, March 31, 2011

Job Interview, Party Of One.

Yesterday (Wednesday), K and I went out to fix some fence. We spent pretty much the whole day pulling some older, weak posts out and replacing them with newer heavier duty posts. K had also called the vet to come check out the newest calf, as she wasn't sure if it just had the world's weirdest umbilical cord, or if it's intestines were slipping through it's navel. We left Papa D at the house in case the vet called, so that he could call us and we'd buzz up on the ATV to meet the vet at the barn.

Portion of the fence we worked on.

We hadn't been out in the field very long when Papa D called us up. K and I raced up to the barn to see the vet climbing over fences to get to the barn. I followed everyone in, and K proceeded to tell the vet about this calf. The vet looked at the calf and said it's umbilical cord, but not like one he's ever seen. He went to his truck to get some suture material. I helped K hold the calf, who decided my right thigh was the perfect place to pee. *sigh* At least she didn't poop on me.

This little girl had to be brought into the house to get warm. Still doing good!

While the vet was suturing up the navel on the calf so he could cut the umbilical cord off, my grandparents are introducing me to him (I shall refer to him as Dr. J), and telling him how I was an animal science major and that I've worked in clinics and how I might be looking for a part-time job. He was very nice and asked me a few questions, which I answered. I told him I'd worked for Cottonwood Vet in college (which is a very well known clinic in Nor Cal), and that I had worked for a Vet Lab until recently. A lab which did their testing. He was impressed by all that, and said, "Well, I'd put in an application. I think we're pretty well staffed, but that could change by the time I get back there!" Before he left he mentioned that they may be looking for a Saturday person, and that I should pop over the hill (meaning a 6,500ft. pass), and grab an application. We shook hands, and I said that I would.

Fast forward to today (Thursday). K and I are back to work on the fence. The day before after replacing posts, we had fixed the barbed wire that was broken in places, and fixed wires to the new posts with nice new clips. Today, we were going to put on insulators so we could string hot-wire along the fence to prevent the cows from rubbing and scratching all over it, which is one reason why the fence was in need of repair. That and the deer jump over it, but don't always clear it.

So, K and I are almost done with the fence, and Papa D calls up and says that Dr. J had called him up and said that the office manager wanted to interview me that afternoon. I could just drop by anytime. My jaw hit the cow shit. (No . . . not literally). Dr. J had evidently gone back to the clinic either yesterday or this morning and talked the OM regarding me as their possible Saturday person. I was shocked and impressed. And completely flattered.

We finished up the fence, and I went home to shower and become presentable. I printed up my resume (after I quickly edited it), and scarf down a sandwich. I drove to town and went in to ask for the OM by name. She gave me a tour of the clinic, and introduced me to the techs that were there. She asked if I had time to sit down with the receptionist to learn from her and see what she does. Of course I said yes. So, for the whole of the afternoon, I sat with the receptionist and she explained their computer program and I watched how she did stuff. I haven't worked in a vet clinic since 2001. I have a lot to re-learn! Plus to learn where everything is located and how to handle the front desk. I had a receptionist position for a few months at the Chamber of Commerce in Redding, just after high school. I didn't have a lot to do, as the phone system was automated. I've never worked up in front in a busy clinic, not for more than a few minutes to help file or something.

And Jewel's, before you start running off about the hunky vet theory (wink), just know that one of the vet's is retiring soon, so there may be an opening for the hunky vet of which you think. Otherwise, I've only met two doctors - Dr. J and the guy who will be retiring.

I left with an application, which I will try to turn in tomorrow, and talk to the OM again. I'm sorta thinking that the job is mine, but I don't want to assume anything. It's one day a week, with potential for filling in during the week if need be. I would like to work in a clinic again, I've kind of missed that over the years. Plus, like my grandparents have told me, it would be good to have a small part-time job to meet people in the community. I have been slightly sequestered at my grandparents house, which, of course, is not terrible. I mean, they feed me and give me shelter.

I'm thinking I need to pull out the notes and text books I saved from my college days. I quite possibly have lots of studying to do!


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. haha. How well you know me! That's exactly what I was about to do. Who knows who will be replacing him!? Hunky vet? I think so! If not maybe you meet the loner with a story behind those sad eyes whose best friend is his dog who was feeling off that morning--and he pops in, eyes're finding love there. I just know you'll get it and good things will happen in that office. I didn't tell you this but I have a touch of "the sight" and I knew-just KNEW that a vet would come into play and be the reason you fall head over heals in life. (OK April fools on the whole "sight" thing--but seriously good things, J.Day---good things coming your way!) YAY!!

  3. Let me tell you, Jewels wasn't the only one thinking about the hunky vet doctor dude! Seriously, your life reminds me of one of those sweet Lifetime or Hallmark movies about a girl living in a small town, who meets small-town hunk, and they fall in love...and live happily ever after. *squeal* It HAS to happen!!!!!

    And...HUGE congrats on the job!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!

  4. Oh, oh, oh, and I forgot to awwwwwwww over the cute baby cow!!!!!!! So, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  5. Frisky - LMAO My life as a Hallmark movie! Trust me, you'd probably want your two hours back! Your "squeal" cracks me up. And that little calf is still doing good. Looks like she'll be a bottle calf.


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