Saturday, March 12, 2011

Half-Assed Weekend

I awoke on Friday morning to go feed cows, to find that my cat, Miss Harriet, was acting strangely. She got off the couch to go hide behind a chair. After a little bit, she skulked off to the bedroom to hide under my bed. My grandparents offered to let me work from home today after feeding, to keep an eye on her. I came home and couldn't find her. I searched until I found her in the spare bathroom, between the toilet and the wall and behind the door from the spare room. I had to sit on the toilet for 15 minutes to get her to come out. She continued to play hide and seek all morning until she finally took my lap hostage. Odd. I checked her out, and found no sore spots, she wasn't off her feed. I came up with two options: a) She was somehow freaked out about the tsunami hitting the coast of CA . . . on the opposite side of the state, or b) She was totally faking it in order to get my lap for more than an hour out of the day.

I've been contemplating (which is scary by itself) that it's time for a new "psycho" post. Many of you may remember my Psycho Suzi posts, and I know that you enjoyed them. For some of my newer followers, she was a roommate of mine in college. If you haven't perused those posts yet, I suggest you do, you'll be entertained. So, if y'all think you're up for it, I just might oblige you and entertain you once more.

While I was home cat-sitting my freaky kitty, I decided to make some more homemade chocolate chip cookies. Let me just say that spending a part of the afternoon making yummy cookies while blasting Rascal Flatts and shakin' my ghetto booty makes for a great afternoon.

So, that's it for my half-ass post (which of course was started by the great and powerful Simple Dude).  I think I will leave you with a picture of the pass near Sticksville. It's quite a pretty drive, although not too fun to drive in bad weather.

Just so you know, I was not driving . . . I was the passenger when I took this.   :o)


  1. Hopefully Miss Harriet is okay. They usually don't act weird unless something is wrong. On the other hand, they can act crazy for no reason at all!

  2. I hope she's okay, but I've always found that when animals hide like that (especially cats) it's usually because they sense something coming. You just shake that ghetto booty, girl! :)

  3. I woke up with her still sleeping next to me this morning, and she's been acting fully normal all day. I agree that cats act weirdly for no apparent reason! lol Oh and I'm just thankful I only shake my ghetto booty alone! lol I don't need to be subjecting poor innocent souls to that! LOL

  4. Ooh! Yay! More psycho stories!!!!

    Maybe your kitty was spooked by the weather. Aren't animals really sensitive to weather changes? Love Rascal Flatts.


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