Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you EFFING kidding me???

The other morning, as I was nursing my headache getting home from another long night at work, I noticed something. Walking from my car to my apartment, I stopped, stared, and shook my head.

I noticed that my new next door neighbors (they moved in maybe 4-6 months ago) had decided to put up their Christmas lights. On freaking November 2nd.

So, as I'm cursing under my breath, I thought, "maybe they won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving . . ."

And I walked out of my apartment last night to go to my car to go to work and noticed this:

Seriously?! Apparently they just couldn't wait for Halloween to be over because that means it's Christmas! I think they're forgetting that there's one more major holiday before Christmas. We like to call it, THANKSGIVING.

Any bets on how long they'll leave them up? I'm going for February 1st.


  1. Jeekers talk about early! That is a tad extreme to be honest...

    Hazel xxx

  2. That is ridiculous. I am bothered by people that do that before Thanksgiving - or at least turn them on before Thanksgiving. My parents used to put them up in October before it got too cold but they wouldnt turn them on until early December.

    But an even bigger pet peeve of mine is people who keep turning them on into mid or late January. I have even seen them in February. Makes me want to take a wire cutter and permanently shut them off.


  3. Cheer yourself up by thinking about their power bill.

  4. Hazel - I know right? lol

    SD - I have no idea what posses people to put them up or turn them on so early. What, do they think it's a race, and whoever does it first then Santa comes to their place first???

    Juniper - HAHAHAHA! No kidding! Too bad there aren't MORE lights then . . . lol

  5. OMG--two houses on my block are already so decorated. Really---Well I guess it is time to spend all the money I don't have on presents. FUN FOR ALL

  6. Seriously, what the eff is wrong with some people?! Being excited about a holiday is one thing but this is just plain crazy.

  7. That makes me insane. Since it does get cold here I understand putting them up in November to avoid freezing your fingers off...but NOT turning them on. I hate that. I also despise how early Christmas stuff shows up in stores, commercials, and on the radio. I love Christmas...but if I wanted to listen to carols the ENTIRE month of December I'd buy an F'ing cd. UGH!

    I'd put a turkey, cornicopia, pilgrims, hay bales etc on my lawn and a giant sign that says...."LETS NOT SKIP THE HOLIDAY OF GIVING THANKS....YOU GREEDY FUCKS!" and a big arrow pointing at their place.

  8. Sheree - Go TP their houses! LOL

    Empress - I really don't get it. The early bird gets the worm, yes, but the early decorator gets mocked.

    Jewels - In Sac it get to the mid-50s at night, so really, it's not THAT cold here. These folks could have done it in 3 weeks and still not have froze their tushies off. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but the commercialism of it drives me NUTS! I LOVE the sign idea though!! LOL

  9. Welcome to the land of People with NO LIVES! That has to be it! I wish I had time to do that stuff without actually taking time off from work! But we know better, huh Jamie!

  10. February? way, my bet is on May or June!

  11. Ok so for me, Christmas is the best time of the year! However since Canadians have already had their Thanksgiving in October, my pet peeve is having Christmas lights/decor on/up before Rememberence Day. To me this is a disgusting portray of disrespect.


  12. Speed Demon - Seriously!

    Sandra - LOL I've known people that do that. So horrible. It's just pathetic really.

    CBG - I love Christmas; it's my favorite holiday. But it's just too early to see stuff up! LOL When is your Rememberence Day?


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