Monday, November 15, 2010

Something's amiss here . . .

I turned the corner to get to work last night and the lighting isn't the best and I nearly smack my beautiful new car into the ass end of a semi. I'm sure if I were a truck driver, I would see the perks to a dimly lit cul-de-sac with easy freeway access. I might have thought to put on my parking lights, though. I mean, the dark green of the trailer doesn't exactly jump out at you.

I did notice one thing he didn't.

And I'm curious how Mr. I Can't Read was able to pass trucking school. Or got a license to begin with, since an eye exam is required.

I mean, he is only parked right next to it and all.

Clearly he forgot his reading glasses.


  1. god damn you semi-truck driver...god damn you

  2. Some people just don't care and park wherever they want =/

    Hazel xxx

  3. yeah but you know truck drivers don't have to follow signs, right. I mean, who's going to argue with him? (or her?)

  4. That's just flat out special. Glad you didn't ram into him...i'm pretty sure his truck would have won that battle.

  5. Paige - I think that's what I said as I veered around him! lol

    Hazel - Seriously. Whatever is convenient for THEM.

    Juniper - Well, that side of the road is narrow and you can't see if traffic is coming while he's parked there. So I could have rammed right into someone else as I turned into on-coming traffic, too. The OTHER side of the road, however allows street parking. Apparently he just didn't feel like parking over there. lol

    Jewels - Yeah, and it would have pissed me off, too! If I have to be involved in another accident, I in no way want to be at fault.


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