Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time With the BFF

Today was definitely a good day. It started out extremely early . . . but that's what you get when you pass out at 7pm because you've been up for nearly 24 hours. (God, I love working graveyard). Being that I wound up in bed so early, I was up at 5am. Itching. Itching like I was before I went to the doctor and got anti-itch pills and cream. So I got up in the dark and put the cream on my hands and crawled back into my warm bed (courtesy of my electric blanket) with my kitty and laid there. Awake. For another hour.

I finally dragged my ass out of my nice warm bed and made it to the couch in the cold living room where it was the nice temperature of 62. You bet your ass I turned on the heater. And curled up under the two blankets on my couch and went strait for my laptop. I had several hours to kill before the highlight of my day: lunch with my BFF. Which was at 1pm.

I met up with my BFF in Vacaville for a late lunch today, as it had been far too long since we'd hung out. While it was super awesome catching up with her and laughing about our inside jokes and the shit we go through with our jobs and stupid/crazy shit that happens to "only us", there was a second highlight for me. Our waiter.

Fortunately, he was more my type than hers so there wouldn't have been a fight if he'd been the least bit interested. I stared at his butt every time he walked by  (and trust me, there was lots of that), and loved listening to his southern accent when he asked how we were doing.  (sigh) Luckily there was good food to be had, so he probably assumed that the drool was for the food and not him. That was just the cherry on top of me getting to spend the afternoon with the BFF.
I was finally able to talk face to face with her about my "opportunity" and possible life transition from (never-wanted-to-be) city chick to Sticksville chick. If I move, I would  be approximately 6 hours or more away from my her. Which, for us, really wouldn't mean the end of a beautiful friendship. It would just put a hamper on how often we could see each other and how accessible we would be. Currently she lives in the Bay Area and I live in Sacramento, so we're about an hour and a half from each other (and that really depends on the day of the week and traffic). We often meet in the middle and easily kill an entire afternoon and evening just talking about everything. If I move, easy won't be in the vocabulary. Of course, we do know we have telephones/cell phones available to us, as well as email and Facebook.

But it did hit me hard when I realized just how much distance the possible move would put between us. An entire world, so to speak. While she understood my apprehension to having that much distance between us, she reassured me that it wouldn't have an adverse affect on our friendship. At this stage, we both know too much about each other (i.e., blackmail material) to not be friends. So, we're basically stuck with each other. Besides, she's one of the few people I can count on to help me bury the bodies. In the end, she's behind whatever decision is final. But she, like just about everyone else, thinks I should go and give it a whirl.
The one thing that's not so wonderful about today, is the fact that I'm currently sitting around waiting to go to work. And what's worse? I have to work with the person for whom I have pretty much no respect for. Trust me, there's a possibility for another blog series regarding psychosis, however, it shall wait for the day I am no longer employed at my current job. I'd really hate to have to explain this shit to HR. (Which reminded me to charge my Zune so that I have music tonight as I simply cannot work 8 hours alone with that woman without the headphones to prevent her from talking to me).

However, I am going to try to stay focused on the positives from today. Good times with my BFF and the hot southern waiter with the nice ass.


  1. Yes definitely focus on the hot southern waiter with the nice ass...I mean good times had with BFF :)
    Seriously check out the word I had to type in:


  2. I once fell in love with Robbie in Columbus, Ohio. I cried when I left the table. My cousin thought I was insane. Especially since Robbie was very clearly gay. I didn't care. He was not my type...I wasn't interested in him sexually. He was so adorable though. I immediately wanted to shrink him, put him in my pocket, and bring him with me everywhere.

    The next visit out to see Mark in Ohio we went back to the same place to eat and low and behold Robbie was there and it was his last night of work before going with friends guessed it...Philly. Small world. Anyway, we were introduced, we hugged, he said he loved me too...and we are fast friends now. Okay all that happened except the friendship...but I still hold a special place in my heart for my dear little Robbie.
    So, you see, you can't possibly obsess over a waiter more than me. hahahaha.

  3. Trying to steal my waiter-obsession thunder, eh? LOL


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