Monday, April 11, 2011

April Blogging Challenge: I is for Instant

The instant I started this post, my damned laundry buzzer goes off. *sigh*

I'm back. That wasn't what I was really going to talk about, but instead how people want their shit instantly. I don't care what they want, they want it now. And if they don't get it now, then they'll throw little hissy fits until they get their way.

Today at my my third job, the vet clinic, I spoke to such an asshat on the phone this morning. This gentleman calls, and starts telling me how his dog is limping suddenly, and he worries she might have injured herself by running or jumping or something. Okay - it happens. Of course, this man talks to me like I'm supposed to recognize who "Ginger" is via the phone, and realize that he is obviously a super-dee-duper special client who doesn't have to make a fucking appointment. I politely tell him that I have several afternoon appointments available for him to choose from, which he forcefully says, "No, that won't work for me. It has be this morning." (What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Tell. You?) I politely tell him that I don't have any morning appointments available (again), and he rudely asks for the other receptionist (who is my trainer). I politely tell him that she's on another line with another client, and he rolls right into how his dogs needs to be seen this morning. I step it up a notch. I said, "Sir, I understand that, but I do not have any available appointments this morning, we're solidly booked." To which he then tells me that he will just show up and be seen. I politely said, "If that's what you wish sir, but you do understand that you will have to wait until a doctor is done with his scheduled appointments to squeeze you in?" He showed his old cranky ass up at 11am, and promptly waited damn near 45 minutes. And you know what? That damned 12 year old dog was barely limping, and the vet didn't do anything and sent Mr. Cranky Ass back home.

So, I beg of you, pet owners, don't treat your local vet office in such a way. You win no respect or brownie points for being an asshat. If it's an emergency, we're happy to fit you in, and most other clients are understanding that emergencies happen. But don't call and get all pissy that the morning appointment you want isn't available. Unless it's coffee, you can't get a lot instantly, folks. So please, don't take it out on the poor receptionist.

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  1. My daughter worked for a drop-in medical clinic. The patients drove her absolutely crazy. I hope you don't get many more like him.


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