Saturday, April 9, 2011

Half-Assed Weekend

By way of The Simple Dude, it's a half-assed weekend post. I haven't done one in awhile. Lately it's because I've been blogging my damn brains out with this A-Z Challenge for April. Six days a week of blogging and having to come up with a post for every letter, it's nearly enough to drive one ape shit. But I'm also enjoying it, so it appears to be a catch-22.

I figured I'd let you guys in on the details of my new job, aka job number 3, aka vet office receptionist. For some of my newer followers here's a quick recap: Two weeks ago a vet came out, and long story short, he told me to turn in an application at the clinic. Next day he calls me for an interview for that afternoon. I was hired the day after that. Without a real interview, no applications, no resume's, nada. And now I'm up to three jobs. We shall see how long my sanity lasts.

Anyway, training has been going well. I've been there about three days a week, answering phones, setting appointments, and charging people ridiculous amounts of money for vet services rendered (or livestock vaccinations, wormers, joint supplements, and food). I still have a lot to learn, but everyone has been helpful and patient with me.

No one I work with has any idea about the blog, and I won't tell them, either. That way, they won't know if I'm talking about them. Or the customers. Or the pets. Or any of it.

I actually got left all alone for about two hours today (Saturday), as the only doctor was out on farm calls all afternoon. During the week, there are four vets. On the weekend it's just one, and we usually won't send them out on farm calls. But this time we didn't have a choice. And the tech today had to go run supplies to the vet, so she was gone about two hours or so. That left me. All by myself. I about had a panic attack. And rightfully so, as a guy came in to buy a 40lb bag of dog food and I couldn't for the life of me find the damn dog food in the computer system. I tried "science diet", "dog food", "dry food", "hill's", and all sorts of combinations of those listed. I called the tech, but she was out of service due to the passes she had to climb to get to the vet. I eventually had to write up manual receipt and apologized to the guy, who was very patient and understanding and was even trying to help me figure it out - because I couldn't even run his credit card because I had no idea how much to charge! The tech eventually called back and told me it was under "maintenance". When all she got was silence from my end she said, "Yeah. It made no sense to me either!" So, apparently, puppy food is under "growth", adult food is under "maintenance" and senior food is, oddly enough, "senior". What. The. Fuck. Who designed that system and what the hell where they smoking?! So I charged the man's account, so that he can come back next week and pay for it. Or he'll get a bill. Either way, we want his money.

I'll be back in there three days next week. And in the middle of the week I'll be helping my grandparents with their publication. Now it's time to put it all together. I feel torn, because the clinic wants me there to train, and my grandparents want me to be with them to learn how stuff gets done. Hopefully things will settle into a nice routine, and everybody's happy.

I get tomorrow (Sunday) off, thanks to my grandmother. I get to sleep in, do laundry and clean house. Yeah, you know you're jealous. Admit it.


  1. Congrats on the job. I was a tech for many years, before becoming a teacher. THough I worked mostly with small animals, I've had my share of large animal experience too. I miss it sometimes, mostly I miss the doggies and kitties, they always made me feel better. My advice would be not to leave your grandparents' job, the veterinary field has a way to work you to death for very little money (at least that has been my experience here in Cali), and job burnout is very common.
    Good luck with everything, and yes this blog challenge thing is a lot of work, but it's fun.

  2. I don't recall saying this before, so congratulations on the new job. Hope you can keep up!

  3. Alessandra - I won't be leaving my grandparents jobs, this job at the clinic is mostly to meet the community and get a feel for it. No better way to meet your new community than to get a job in it! :o)

    Drake - Thanks! I hope I can, too!

  4. Cute post! I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  5. Sylvia - Thanks for stopping by! :o)


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