Friday, April 22, 2011

April Blogging Challenge: S is for Scrabble

Words are a funny thing. Especially when you get points for them. Suddenly it's like winning the lottery and all sorts of a relatives you never knew about show up. In Scrabble, words you never knew existed start showing up, making you run for the dictionary to see if your opponent is cheating.

Since Christmas I have been playing Scrabble online with my mom, two aunts, and one of my grandmothers. Well, it's not "Scrabble", but it's essentially the same thing. It's called Lexolous, and you get 8 tiles instead of 7. But all of Scrabble's rules apply. Apparently it's a copyright thing. You can play live in a game room, or you can play via email, which has been my game of choice.

Both of my aunts, and my grandmother have been whooping my butt since day one. The only one I seem to be able to beat on a fairly regular basis is my mom. However, she's bested me a few times.

Words have always been a thing in my family. I've always been a good speller, my mom proof-read my high school papers, and my grandmother used to correct English papers as well as worked for a newspaper.

I'm better at Scrabble then, say, Monopoly. Man, I suck at that game.


  1. You only suck at Monopoly because you don't cheat. It's complete luck, and you know what they say - you make your own luck. XD

  2. I LOVE Scrabble and love my wine and Scrabble nights at my aunts house. So much fun! :)

  3. Drake - Damn conscience of mine! lol

    Jewels - Another fun game with my family is Aggravation. LOL


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