Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Blogging Challenge: L is for Love

We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.     ~ Mother Theresa

For today's post, I'm going to pull a Cinderita and talk about love.

We all want it, we're all searching for it. In some form or another. There are all kinds of love. Love of family, friends, significant others, your passions, or your beliefs. I have been blessed with a wonderful family who loves each other. I am blessed with a BFF I consider my sister. I have been blessed to always have a job in an industry that I love - the animal industry. This post will be mostly pictures with the ones I love most - my friends and my family.

I'm not as eloquent with my words as the lovely Cinderita, but she is right that love is a beautiful thing. She finds the most inspiring things to put on her blog. If only more people thought like that, the world would be better. If only everyone held onto the happy feeling that love gives, the world would be a better place. If only everyone smiled more, laughed more, loved more. 

I will leave you with a video from my favorite group, Rascal Flatts.  :o)


  1. That is awesome, and I loved the pictures, especially the one on the swings. By the way, I just played that song for my sister the other night and told her it makes me think of her. She's a widow and has had a hard time bouncing back from the loss. I just want to fight that fight for her, ya know? Great post, girl!

  2. Drake - Thanks!

    Krissy - That's so sad. But I understand why you played that song for her. I fell in love with that song the first time I heard it on the album. I hope she feels better.

  3. That is a fun looking photo with the swing set in the park...or school yard, or wherever it was taken :)

    The Madlab Post

  4. I noticed that cow patties didn't make your list. ;-) J/K! I really liked your happy pics.

  5. Nicole - It was a park, last fall I believe. And it was fun, we hadn't been on swings in years! :o)

    Soapbox - LOL!

  6. New follower via the A-Z Challenge here! You're absolutely right. When you have love in your life, you can accomplish pretty much anything. Even if that love is just love for yourself, too!

  7. Jeffrey - Thanks for following! :o)


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