Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Blogging Challenge: Q is for Quiet

There is something about the country life that I love, and that is how quiet it is. Yes, I my house is on the highway and I hear trucks drive by or even the stray tractor. Or, as it happens - a cattle drive. But there is no real noise pollution out here.

It's quiet. It's peaceful.

It's totally flipping awesome.

Living in Sacramento there was always noise. Cars on the road or freeway, sirens blaring, neighbors fighting, delivery trucks beeping. There was always something to hear. There was always something to assault my ears. If you were in the store, people were on their cell phones or kids running amok like they owned the place (yes, Wal-Mart, I'm referring to you). There really is no place to go where you can have total peace and quiet.

Enter the country. Every morning when I'm out feeding the cows, that's what I hear - cows. Okay, and the feed truck. It's peaceful out here. I am currently sitting in my house and it's completely silent, except for my keyboard. I'm serious. The TV is off, there's no music on. There's no traffic, no car stereos thumping from 5 miles away, no sirens blaring in every direction, no neighbor noise.



And let me tell you how nice  it is. How relaxing it is. I love it.

Silence really is golden.


  1. Guess I'd have to be there to notice. After a while you kind of tune the noise of the city out.

  2. I live in Los Angeles and my mom lives in the hills of Oregon, so completely get where you're coming from. There is also nothing worse then having to go back to the noise. And the lack of stars. How often do you get out?

  3. Drake - Yeah, one does that.

    Muay - Get out of the country or city? I used to live in the city, but now live in the country. I go to a small city once a month now, though.

  4. it's pretty quiet here too. Especially since the rooster went to Kenmore Camp. We'll be getting a new flock soon though and then - krrrkakrrkarooo!

  5. The quiet of country life is truly amazing. Nature at its finest. :)

  6. Jan - I'm not into chickens, and I'm glad my grandparents don't have any. lol Thanks for following!!

    Frisky - I agree whole heartedly!

  7. I hate noise, especially technological type noise like iPods on full whack so everyone can hear it, people on their mobile phones talking at full blast, that sort of thing. Luckily I have the farm to visit twice a day where it's incredibly quiet and peaceful, especially first thing in the mornings. The only sound to be heard is the dawn chorus and horses munching grass or hay - bliss!

  8. Amanda - Ooooh. I hate it when I can ear other people's iPod.


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