Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Blogging Challenge: T is for Thanks

To the powers that be, thank you for:

My wonderful parents.

Allowing me to get to know pretty much all of my grandparents.

Allowing me to know several great-grandparents.

Bringing Miss Harriet into my life. (Although, next time, I politely request a cat that doesn't shed so much and doesn't leave me hairballs to step on in the middle of the night)

Letting my parents buy me a horse when I was in high school; that was fun.

Bestowing on me the bestest best friend a girl could ask for.

Granting me the wisdom that I would not survive prison so that I wouldn't cause any bodily harm to the old psycho roomie or the old psycho co-worker.

Giving me the opportunity to get my extremely stressed self away from night shift and the horrible excuse for management. I really do appreciate that.

Giving me the opportunity to work with my grandparents on their ranch. In the daylight.

The opportunities for travel that I've had - to Florida, Chicago, the East Coast trip in high school, and the cruise Mom and I took.

Oh and home-made chocolate chip cookies. Those are delish.

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