Monday, April 18, 2011

April Blogging Challenge: O is for "Oversharing"

If you have ever worked with the public, then you might recognize the "overshare". This happens when someone offers up personal information that, for some odd reason, they thought was imperative that you know. I have yet to understand why these people feel the urgent desire to share unwanted tidbits of their lives.

One gal I worked with spewed forth random bits of information over the years of working with her. One was that she'd had a baby, only it didn't survive. What on earth do you say to that? I mean, "I'm sorry" just doesn't seem to do that justice. Another time, she told me that she'd been raped. Again, "I'm sorry" doesn't seem to cover it. Another time, she said that her boyfriend broke up with her - I didn't know anything her dating life. Over the years, she shared many things with us . . . although it was a select few who got to see whether or not she shaved down there. (Thank God I wasn't among those select few!) I mean, I'm not happy that those bad things happened to her, but why did she see fit to share those with absolutely no one asking for said information?

I had a customer once tell me all about her one kidney. Well, she didn't tell me how she came to have only one kidney, but she did tell me all the pain it caused her. (I didn't really need to know that) Or how about the customers that overshare by way of showing. Like the nice folks who like to show their butt cracks for the world to see. And I'm not talking about the guys who wear saggy jeans, but the guys who dare to go for the full moon.

Just remember folks, there is such a thing as too much.


  1. Interesting subject and a good post. Honestly I think some people do it because they are uncomfortable or inexperienced at making small talk so they talk about what they know (and what we would rather not know!). I think that as our society gets more reliant on texting, email, IM we are going to get less and less comfortable talking to each other, in person. Then the opportunity for more awkward conversations like these will increase....

  2. So very true! Safe subject is always the weather. lol

  3. People that overshare have issues with boundaries. Sometime they simply don't know what's appropriate for small talk. Once in a while I'll meet someone for the first time and they tell me that I'm their best friend and share all kinds of personal information with me. Very awkward, but when I realize they have psychological problems and it's easier to deal with. If you've ever seen the movie "Cable Guy" you know what I'm talking about.

  4. You must be someone who is very easy to talk to but even so, those types of people most definitely have boundary issues and/or are socially inept. How uncomfortable!

  5. Luana - Yes, they have big issues! lol And yes, I've seen the Cable Guy - totally creeped me out. In some cases I think they just prefer it to silence.

    Empress - I'm thinking so, because sometimes I'm floored by what people tell me. I must have "Tell me everything" stamped on my forehead. lol

  6. oversharing can be quite uncomfortable--but they are also a great source of story ideas.:)

  7. In college, I worked in a juice bar. For some reason, I was told everything awkward under the sun. Do we just have a face for that or why do people find it acceptable to share such things!?

  8. nutschell - True on both accounts! lol

    Managed - That's what I've wondered? If you find out the answer, please let me know! lol

  9. That's actually one reason I'm not on Spacebook....


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