Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot Men. 'Nuf Said.

Since my last blog was more or less a rant, I think I'll do a fun one. This is partly inspired by Jewels.

This will be my "Sexiest Men" list.

Harrison Ford
My all-time favorite actor. And he's one of those men who stays sexy as he gets older.

Tom Welling
He looks older when he's not smiling. When he smiles, his boyish charm just shines right through. Enough to make one go weak in the knees.

Josh Turner

While this guy is hot, I'm more in love with his voice than anything. I'm a sucker for a deep voice. Enjoy one of my favorite of his songs.

James McAvoy
I think this picture speaks for itself. (wipes up drool) Ahem - he's usually a geeky sort of guy, but Wanted was definitely a whole different side to this guy.

Colin Firth
I love the character of Mr. Darcy to begin with. And Colin Firth did the character justice.

David Duchovny
This guy made the X-Files soooooooo worth watching. There's just something about him.

Russell Crowe
He was in top form for this film. Not many men can pull of a skirt but he did it quite well.

Hugh Jackman
No words. Seriously. (wipes up more drool)

And a final note: I dedicate this song and video to my friend Jewels, who recently had her feelings hurt by someone who is apparently a waste of air. Jewels, this song will make you laugh, and the video is pretty cute, too. I think of this song anymore when people piss me off or hurt my feelings. I hope this works for you, too. :o)


  1. Love the last music video and I'm a lover of a deep voice...for me its Toby


  2. All good choices; I approve ;-)


  3. aww...what a sweet thing to do. leave a song for jewels. Fantastic! and hello...that McEvoy fella...yum!! "nuff said!

    I'm gonna go and listen to the songs right now!

    Happy friday!

  4. LOL~! OH MY GOSH! I love that song! "Pray for You". LOVE IT!

  5. Hugh Jackman, enough said! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. J...that is the sweetest thing anyone has done for me! Thank you SOOO much. Wow. What a way to brighten my day. That means the absolute world to me!!! I cried at your thoughtfulness and then laughed my ass off at that song! I think it's a new favorite! Haha!!! You truly made my day!!!!

    Josh Turner was new to that voice doesn't look like it would come out of that body...but NOTHING about that body or that voice is wrong! He is delicious!!!

  7. CBG - I love Toby Keith. :o)

    Juniper - Thanks! :o)

    Cinderita - HAHAHA! It's like the awesomest song ever.

    Empress - I remember seeing it in theaters. Every woman stopped breathing, I swear. LOL

    Jewels - You're welcome! I know, when I first that Josh Turner's face, I was like, "what, that voice cannot be his!" But seriously, my flutters every damn time one of his songs comes on the radio. That voice, I could marry JUST the voice. LOL

  8. Mmmm Hugh Jackman...

    Hazel xxx


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