Thursday, October 7, 2010

Workin' nights

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned in more than one previous blog that I work graveyard shift. I've probably also mentioned how much it sucks. Let me explain to you just how much it does suck. In case you were wondering.

Here are the pros to working nights:
1. No traffic going to work or going home afterwards.
2. If you go grocery shopping after work, the stores are nearly empty, clean, and freshly stocked.

That's pretty much it.

Here are the cons:
1. You're pretty much always a day behind the rest of the world.
2. The rest of the world operates on a normal 8-5 schedule and they don't work with you.
3. Telemarketers wake you up, making you wish you could use Voodoo on them. Or those that try to sell stuff door-to-door and give you a heart attack by knocking on your door or ringing your doorbell. Voodoo . . . seriously.
4. Garbage trucks, moving trucks, delivery trucks, and the Para-Transit bus make noise. A lot. Especially that damn garbage truck. Especially if one of the dumpsters is right outside your window.
5. Learning how to sleep while the sun is out - not easy.
6. If you want a day off, you have to usually take an extra day off before, so you're actually awake for the reason(s) for your day off.
7. In the summer, one's electric bill is astronomical because you require coolness while you sleep.
8. It can wreak havoc on the attempt at a social life.
9. Potential boyfriends are often put off by your "opposite" life and use it as an excuse for not being able to hang out with you.
10. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are no longer relative. Considering "breakfast" is now at 8pm, "lunch" is at 2:30am, and "dinner" is now at 8am. Seriously, WTF?
11. When the alarm goes off, you still don't want to drag your ass out of bed. Especially in winter, because it's still cold outside those covers.
12. You become jealous of anyone you know that works normal hours and has what you would consider a "life".
13. You get an "ice cream"-like headache (for an instant) when you walk outside after work in the morning because it's bright outside.
14. When you get off work, instead of saying, "See you tomorrow"- which is what normal people say - you say, "See you tonight." It's just wrong. But true.
15. Gardeners are suddenly much louder than they ever were before, making you want to sabotage their lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers. And anything else that makes noise.
16. You get the pity look from anyone and everyone you have to tell that you work graveyard.

Now, I have that long list of grievances, but don't get me wrong - I'm glad to have a job. A decent one. Especially in this economy. I've come to terms with my lack of a life, the fact that I have to keep all phones on silent until I wake up, my new meal times, my sleep schedule, and my summer electric bill (although it still makes me want to pass out).

Besides, that con list could get longer.

Those are just from the hours (i.e. time of day) I work.

P.S. I'm so freaking tired, I literally dozed off for like 5 minutes. I'm going to bed. And it's 9am. So sad.


  1. Boy, that's a long list of cons!! Do you want to switch? Can you switch? Hey, at least the traffic is better, huh? ;-)

  2. I could probably come up with more! LOL I'd love to switch, however, day shift positions are few and far between. Not to mention bosses will play favorites. Office politics and all.


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